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Area of Opportunity 3#

Encourage greater integration of water efficiency into land use planning and building codes#

How a newly developed or a re-developed property uses water largely can be determined by the land use and building codes in place at the time of development. These regulations include requirements for landscapes, irrigation systems and requirements for the minimum efficiency of indoor fixtures and appliances. By increasing water efficiency requirements, growth and re-development lead the way in ensuring a more sustainable future.

  • Increased efficiency of development
  • New development will lead by example
  • Less waste from pursuing retrofits of recently developed projects
  • Reduced impact of population growth
Potential Activities

Beginning in 2012, the City’s Green Building Code mandates WaterSense toilets and other fixtures in all new residential and commercial facilities. This is estimated to save between 20-25 percent annually. In 2019, this code was updated to improve the efficiency of showerheads and commercial faucets. 

City Plan Strategic Objectives

This Area of Opportunity aligns with City Plan Strategic Objectives (PDF 6.2MB) 1.3, 1.11, 3.7, 4.7 and 4.8.

Did You Know?

You can save money by shifting your electric use to the lower-priced, off-peak hours or by reducing your overall use.

Opening windows on summer evenings brings in cool outdoor air.

Pre-cooling your home before 2 p.m. during the summer and coasting through the on-peak hours can save money on your utility bill.