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Peak Partners#

The electric grid is like the interstate road system. At times, there is 'rush hour' and traffic congestion. In the electric grid, the equivalent to rush hour means the grid is reaching 'peak,' which is the most expensive time to purchase and use electricity.

The Peak Partners program is intended to ease up electricity consumption at these peak times.

Ready to Participate?#

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Access Your Thermostat#

You can access your thermostat remotely by clicking here.

Benefits of Peak Partners#

By participating as a Peak Partner you will get the convenience and control of a Wi-Fi thermostat, plus the savings of a programmable one, which ranges around 10 percent of your cooling and heating loads, so you will see a lower electric and gas bill. You will save energy and money year-round.

Fort Collins Utilities will send a signal to your thermostat to automatically reduce energy consumption at peak times (typically less than 10 hours per month). You will have the option to override the signal sent out by Fort Collins Utilities so you remain in control.

For questions related to Privacy and Data Collection, refer to the Peak Partners Privacy FAQs.

For further questions about system or program eligibility, please contact

For technical support issues, contact or call 855-350-1464.

Eligibility Requirements >>
  1. Must be a Fort Collins Utilities Light and Power customer
  2. Home must contain central heat ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) with no window air conditioning units
  3. Must have working wireless Internet connectivity (Wi-Fi) in the home
  4. If you live in an electric heated home no demand limiter installed in the house
  5. Must have a standard electric meter (no daily/monthly reads)

The following systems are compatible with the thermostat:

  • Gas or oil heat
  • Electric furnace Heat pump (no auxiliary or emergency heat)
  • Heat pump (with auxiliary or emergency heat)
  • Multi-stage systems
  • Cool only systems
  • Millivolt
  • Dual fuel systems

Note: Multi-zone systems are not compatible.

Did You Know?

Insulating hot water pipes leading from the water heater helps keep your hot water from cooling off before it gets to the tap.

Turning off the faucet while shaving or brushing teeth saves water.

We operate a flood warning system that monitors real-time rainfall information.