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Insulate and air seal the walls and roof.

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2015 REPS

Free Public Programs

Free Public Programs

2015 Residential Environmental Program Series flyer (PDF 848KB)

For more information, contact Utilities.

Sponsored by the City of Fort Collins Utilities and the Gardens on Spring Creek.

Climate Protection: Every Action Counts | Download Slides (PDF 9.7MB)
March 4, Prairie Sage Rooms 1 & 2
Fort Collins has been a leader in climate protection for almost two decades. Learn how the City of Fort Collins is continuing to address climate change and how you can help.

$5 Million and Change | Download Slides (PDF 2.7 MB)
March 11, Prairie Sage Rooms 1 & 2
The City is competing in a nationwide energy efficiency challenge. Learn how to reduce energy use and share your ideas on how the community could use the $5 million prize.

Be Air Aware | Download Slides (PDF 3.1MB)
March 25, Twinberry Auditorium
Learn about clearing the air in your home and community and air quality programs that can guide you to a healthier life.

Go Solar | Download Slides (PDF 7.5MB)
April 1, Twinberry Auditorium
Fort Collins Utilities will shed light on the community solar garden, low-income solar initiative, availability of solar rebates and general renewables information.

Wildscaping: Beyond the Basics | Download Handout (192KB)
April 8, Prairie Sage Rooms 1 & 2
Get new design ideas and learn about the best plant selections to provide habitat for songbirds, pollinators and other wildlife with Lauren Springer Odgen and Susan Tweit.

A Cooler Future: Easy Like Water
April 15, Twinberry Auditorium
Watch Easy Like Water, a film about adapting to climate change in Bangladesh by building floating solar schools. Discuss potential projects, engagement strategies and policies for our community.

Unwatered Landscapes and Crevice Gardening | Download Slides (PDF 18.3MB), Download Handout (17KB)
April 22, Twinberry Auditorium
Lush landscapes can be created without water. Learn techniques for installation and how to build a crevice garden.

The Art and Science of Composting | Download Slides (PDF 6.58 MB) | Watch Recorded Presentation
May 6, Prairie Sage Rooms 1 & 2
Learn the basics of turning your household's yard trimmings and food scraps into an excellent soil amendment. More advanced problem-solving techniques will be discussed for long-time composters.

The Year in the Life of a Dry Garden | Download Handout (113KB)
May 13, Twinberry Auditorium
Create your own beautiful year-round garden. Learn from the director of Plant Select® about a variety of adaptable and resilient plants that provide color, texture and architectural interest.

Your Home Energy Roadmap | Download Slides (PDF 2.2MB)
May 20, Prairie Sage Rooms 1 & 2
The Efficiency Works™ - Home program can map your route to a comfortable, safe and efficient home. Learn about the process, from the initial audit to the final rebate.