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Distributed Energy Resources#

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Developing a Distributed Energy Resource Strategy#

Platte River Power Authority and its owner communities of Estes Park, Fort Collins, Longmont and Loveland created a joint distributed energy resource (DER) strategy to meet growing customer interest, and to help achieve Platte River’s Resource Diversification Policy and individual owner community goals.

Platte River’s 2020 Integrated Resource Plan plots a path to achieve greater than 90% carbon emissions reduction. Solutions identified through implementation of this DER strategy will be key in helping to close the gap on the last 10% to achieve the goal of a 100% noncarbon energy mix.

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What are DERs?#

DERs include rooftop solar, battery storage, electric vehicles and chargers, as well as energy efficiency tools like smart thermostats. These devices and technologies create, store, conserve and optimize energy use. Fort Collins Utilities supports the deployment of DERs and seeks to ensure that they provide value to individual customers and the entire electric system.

DER Guiding Principles#

  • Maintain system reliability and utility financial sustainability while enhancing environmental responsibility and the customer experience.
  • Implement safety practices in all facets of DER planning, operations and customer programs to protect the public, utility employees, contractors and customers.
  • Maintain physical and cybersecurity of utility-owned grid assets and privacy of customer data.
  • Facilitate deployment of DERs across all customer groups in a way that provides benefits to those customers and the electrical system.
  • Provide consistency, transparency and flexibility among Platte River and the owner communities in DER planning, operations and programs.
  • Employ common processes, industry best practices and innovation for the integration of DER technologies onto the grid.

Fort Collins DER Programs#


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