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Floodplain Regulations#

Research floodplain regulations before beginning construction.

In general, the City's Floodplain Regulations are stricter for new structures and residential buildings than for existing structures and commercial buildings.

Contact Floodplain Administration staff at 970-416-2632 before undertaking any construction (new development, additions, remodels, filling, grading, etc.) on a building or property located in a regulatory floodplain to determine specific floodplain requirements. A floodplain use permit is required for any work done in the floodplain.

Different floodplains have different regulations. A floodplain use permit is required for all construction in the floodplain.

The regulations are designed to:

  • Protect the health and safety of citizens
  • Minimize property damage when a flood occurs
  • Ensure new development does not make flooding problem worse

Two guides help explain portions of the regulations:

Floodplain review fees are required at the time of submittal of any floodplain use permit, variance request, or floodplain study.

Did You Know?

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