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Avery Park Neighborhood Improvements#

Welcome Miller Brothers and Fairview Neighborhoods residents. This web page is provided to inform you of what can be expected during the upcoming rear-of-lot to front-of-lot electrical upgrades for your area.

Why is this happening

Light & Power has flagged this area for electrical upgrades due to safety and maintenance concerns.

If an outage were to occur, crews would have difficulty getting equipment into many of the backyards. This may lengthen the restoration time of an outage, as well as increase the crews' chances for incurring serious injuries.

What to expect

Over the next several years, Light & Power will be upgrading your electrical services to accommodate our current residential electrical capacity standard of 150 A. In the conversion area, Light & Power will be installing and replacing streetlights in order to meet the City of Fort Collins’ residential lighting standards, adding oval vaults housing submersible transformers, installing secondary splice boxes and pulling in new conductors through an underground conduit system.

Construction will be broken up into blocks of homes and will involve boring, minimal trenching, and possible relocation of meter locations on homes.

Streetlight Infill Area: Additional lighting requests outside of conversion area

Streetlight infill locations have been chosen by Light & Power in an effort to add lighting to areas that currently do not meet our residential lighting standards, are physically able to be installed without interference from trees, landscape, etc., and/or are readily accessible from a power source.

Property owners will be notified by mail and upon receiving back 80 percent of the popular vote for adding a streetlight at designated location, Light & Power will commence to add a light at the cost of Light & Power. Any requests for additional street lights that have not been included in proposed street light improvement location map will be subject to review by a Light & Power project manager and will be coordinated with the property owner who initiated request.

About the 150 Ampere (A) Design Standard

Homes in new residential neighborhoods have an electrical panel sized for 150 A. Many of the homes in the conversion area are 60 A, 100 A, or 125 A. The maximum capacity for electrical panels is typically limited by the size of conductor coming from the secondary side of the transformer. During construction, the services will be upgraded with a larger conductor (1/0 Triplex or 4/0 Triplex), allowing property owners the option of upgrading the main electrical panel to 150 A without incurring system modification or service charges. Please call 221-6700 and ask to speak with an Electrical Project Engineer for more information.

Did You Know?

Maintaining your heating equipment ensures it is running efficiently. 

Fort Collins Utilities monitors water quality in our water sources, treated drinking water and treated water returned to the environment.

Fertilizer encourages grass to grow, requiring more water. Use it lightly.