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Neighborhood Meeting Notes#

Public meeting, Jan. 29, 2015

The meeting discussed streetlighting practices and streetlighting concerns in the Avery Park neighboorhood.

Amanda Nagl, a representative from Community Development and Neighborhood Services, opened up the meeting with a history of why and how streetlighting concerns arose in the Avery Park neighborhood.

The neighborhood enforcement team (NET) was also present to discuss new data tracking techniques for crimes committed in or around Avery Park. NET suggested lighting practices homeowners could initiate to deter criminal behavior in poorly lit areas.

The meeting was not offered to all residents, since Light & Power's policies only require property owners who are immediately adjacent to a proposed streetlight location to be in agreement that a streetlight is necessary.

During the planning of the meeting, Light & Power received an approval for upgrading the existing rear of lot powered homes in the Avery Park neighborhood. This capital project will affect nearly 30 percent of the Avery Park neighborhood and will be an ongoing construction renovation beginning August 2015 and continuing through September 2019.

Neighborhood outreach will begin in the spring of 2015 and more meetings will be held to discuss what to expect during construction.

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