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Eligible Areas for Streetlight Improvements#

Steps to Request Additional Streetlights

Additional streetlights may be added under certain conditions. A resident must determine the desired location with neighbors, get approval signatures and return the approval form (PDF 38KB) to Light & Power.

Since the Avery Park neighborhood has a collective desire to add more streetlights, Light & Power has identified locations where residential lighting will best fit with the current lighting levels.

Please use this map as a reference for additional lighting requests outside of the conversion area.

Customers who believe they qualify for a light can contact Light & Power at 970-221-6700.

More information about streetlight installation requests is available here.

Did You Know?

Closing curtains and shades during the summer helps keep your home cooler.

Insulating and air sealing the walls and roof keeps heat and/or cool air inside your home.

Using low water-using plants that provide seasonal colors and textures for year-round beauty can help save on irrigation costs.