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Flood Safety#

Exercise caution near rivers and streams

  • Conditions can change very quickly - recreational activities are not advised, due to swift current, cold temperatures, flooded vegetation and the presence of a significant amount of debris.
  • Follow all trail closure signage and recommended safety guidelines. Click here for trail closure information.
  • Banks may be unstable due to erosion.
  • If caught in fast-moving water, float feet first in a half-sit position.
  • If someone else is caught, reach out or throw a rope. Do not go into the water yourself.

Avoid flood waters

  • Use caution when driving. Cars or other vehicles do not provide adequate protection from floodwaters.
  • DO NOT drive through floodwaters.
  • Swiftly moving shallow water can be deadly. Floodwaters typically move much faster than it appears and can carry large, dangerous debris.

Report blocked drains

  • Please call 970-221-6700 to report blocked stormwater drains.

More information

  • Flood Warning System: Real time information on rainfall, stormwater runoff and weather conditions.
  • Monitor weather changes.
  • NOCO Alerts: Sign up for Larimer County's Emergency Alert System. We can't warn you, if we can't reach you.
  • Floodplain Maps & Documents: View Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and City floodplain maps to determine if your property is in a floodplain.
  • Fort Collins Utilities Stormwater: Information about flood protection, drainage basins and stormwater quality.
  • Healthy Homes: Information about mold mitigation and cleanup tips following a flood.

Did You Know?

Free sprinkler checkups are available to find ways to save water and improve system efficiency. 

Permanent "duct mastic" material – not duct tape – should be used for sealing attic ductwork and crawl spaces.

Off-peak Time-of-Day prices are approximately 70% less than on-peak prices.