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Learn how to read your Fort Collins Utilities bill.

2017 Residential Rates Brochure - effective Jan. 1, 2017 (PDF 72KB)

Fort Collins Utilities regularly reviews its rates and makes adjustments to reflect the costs of providing reliable and quality electric, water, wastewater and stormwater services. We realize rate increases impact our customers and work diligently to manage the costs and financial integrity of each utility. Typically, City Council approves rates by ordinance in November and the new rates go into effect in January, with February bills reflecting the new costs.

Utilities across the country are faced with common challenges – aging infrastructure, keeping up with technology, and meeting the evolving priorities and needs of our customers while providing reliable, affordable utility services. Meeting these challenges without overburdening our customers financially is another complication.

As a municipal utility, one of our roles is to ensure our rates remain fair and equitable, which is accomplished through bi-annual, cost-of-service studies that identify the operational costs associated with the delivery of services.

Typically, Utilities spends approximately 2/3 of its annual budget on operations and maintenance and 1/3 on infrastructure renewal. Utility rates provide the long-term revenue required to meet the needs of each utility as we strive to provide affordable, reliable utility services consistent with our community's values and needs.

2017 rates are summarized in our customer brochure (PDF 1.3MB) and from Chapter 26 of the municipal code. Rates may apply to customers both inside and outside city limits.

Learn about programs and services to manage utility costs and Utilities' affordability portfolio, including bill assistance options, the Medical Assistance Program and Payment Assistance Fund.

Use our free online tool to track daily, weekly and monthly energy and water use and costs and the online calculator for specifics on individual rates.

Learn how utility costs are allocated through rates.

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