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2021 Residential Rateshighlight_off

In 2021, a typical residential customer, based on average annual use, could expect to see an increase of approximately $3/month.

  • Electric: 2.6% increase based on cost-of-service model updates (varies by rate class).
  • Water: 2% increase to help with fire-related water quality impacts and watershed health costs.
  • Wastewater: No rate increase.
  • Stormwater: No rate increase.

Single-Family Monthly Bill Comparison#

Utility 2020 2021 $ Change % Change
Electric $78.52 $80.56 $2.04 2.6%
Water $48.07 $49.03 $0.96 2%
Wastewater $34.24 $34.24 $0 0%
Stormwater $16.04 $16.04 $0 0%
Total Average Bill $176.87 $179.87 $3 1.7%

Residential wastewater rates include both variable and fixed charges. Variable charges are calculated from each household’s average water use billed during January, February and March (known as winter quarter average or WQA).

Winter months are used to calculate the WQA because this best represents indoor water use (which typically goes down your drains and into the wastewater system). These charges are calculated each April and apply to bills until the following April.

The minimum WQA is 3,000 gallons (4,000 gallons for duplexes). Customers who haven't been in a residence long enough to establish a WQA are billed based on the rate class average found in the table below.

More than 90% of wastewater costs are fixed. This includes the operation and maintenance of the collection systems and wastewater plants. These costs are calculated annually and apply to all accounts.

There also is a cost to have a connection to the collection system even when not in use, which is averaged over 12 months of bills.

Monthly Residential Wastewater Rates
(includes PILOT- payment in lieu of taxes)
Duplex Multi-
Base Charge $18.86 $21.77 $2.96/unit
Volume Charge, per 1,000 Gallons $3.66 $3.27 $3.76
Minimum WQA 3,000 4,000 N/A
Rate class average WQA gallons for customers who have not established a WQA 4,000 6,200 3,200/unit

Charges rounded to the nearest cent. Actual costs vary due to rounding.
Service charges may apply.

Effective January 2020.

Check out our printable rates sheet for more information.