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Residential Water Rates#

2022 Rate Changes

It is Fort Collins Utilities’ rate philosophy that adjustments should be gradual and modest to avoid large increases in any given year.

Small, steady rate increases cover the costs of delivering reliable electric, water, wastewater and stormwater services to our customers now and into the future. Rates provide the funding needed for ongoing maintenance, infrastructure improvements and construction projects throughout our community.

  • Electric: 2% increase due to a projected wholesale cost increase.
  • Water: No rate increase.
  • Wastewater: No rate increase. 
  • Stormwater: No rate increase

Average Single-Family Monthly Bill Comparison

Utility 2021 2022 $ Change % Change


700 kilowatt-hours/month

$78.14 $79.70 $1.56 2%


10,000 gallons/month

$49.03 $49.03 $0 0%


4,800 gallons/month WQA

$34.25 $34.25 $0 0%


8,600 sq. ft. lot, light runoff

$21.74 $21.74 $0 0%
Total Average Bill $183.16 $184.73 $1.56 0.9%

As a locally owned, not-for-profit utility, Fort Collins Utilities is committed to delivering safe, reliable and competitively priced water services.

Our prices are based on the costs associated with serving our customers and are adjusted through bi-annual, cost-of-service studies. We do not profit from the services we provide. Funds received are invested into our infrastructure and operations to maintain and continually improve our systems.

Pricing Details#

Single-Family and Duplex Water Rates

Single-family and duplex water rates have a base charge and three tiers. Water costs more per gallon as use increases.

Monthly Single-Family and Duplex Water Rates
(includes PILOT- payment in lieu of taxes)
Base Charge $18.30 $19.33
Tier Volume Charge Per 1,000 gallons Per 1,000 gallons
1 For the first 0-7,000 gallons $2.83  
For the first 0-9,000 Gallons   $2.46
2 For gallons 7,001-13,000 $3.26  
For gallons 9,001-13,000   $2.82
3 For gallons over 13,000  $3.75 $3.25
Charges rounded to the nearest cent. Actual costs vary due to rounding.

Prices effective January 2021. Charges rounded to the nearest cent. Actual costs may vary due to rounding. Service charges may apply. Check out our printable rates sheet for more information.

For the tier charge - gallons used after reaching the threshold for tier 1 are billed at the tier 2 rate until 13,000 gallons are reached, then the gallons used over 13,000 are billed at the tier 3 rate. 

Multifamily Water Rates

Multi-family customers have a seasonal increase in rates. The volume charge is 25% greater during the six lawn-watering months (May - October) than in the other months (November - April).

Monthly Multi-Family Water Rates*
(includes PILOT- payment in lieu of taxes)
Base Charge, per account $13.90 $13.90
Additional Charge, per dwelling unit
$4.63 $4.63
Volume Charge, per 1,000 gallons $2.02 $2.53

Prices effective January 2021. Charges rounded to the nearest cent. Actual costs may vary due to rounding. Service charges may apply. Check out our printable rates sheet for more information. 


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Track Your Water Use

MyWater helps you track water use and costs, and provides leak alerts and water reports, all with an easy-to-use web and mobile portal.

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Need Help Paying Your Bill?

Utilities' Affordability Programs include low-income rates, medical rates and payment assistance.


Ways to Use Water Wisely

Improve your water efficiency with our residential water programs and rebates.

Did You Know?

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You have the power to cut your energy bill any time of year.

Benchmarking your energy use compared to other similar businesses can help you identify and prioritize future building improvements