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2021 Residential Rateshighlight_off

In 2021, a typical residential customer, based on average annual use, could expect to see an increase of approximately $3/month.

  • Electric: 2.6% increase based on cost-of-service model updates (varies by rate class).
  • Water: 2% increase to help with fire-related water quality impacts and watershed health costs.
  • Wastewater: No rate increase.
  • Stormwater: No rate increase.

Single-Family Monthly Bill Comparison#

Utility 2020 2021 $ Change % Change
Electric $78.52 $80.56 $2.04 2.6%
Water $48.07 $49.03 $0.96 2%
Wastewater $34.24 $34.24 $0 0%
Stormwater $16.04 $16.04 $0 0%
Total Average Bill $176.87 $179.87 $3 1.7%

Single-family and duplex water rates have a base charge and three tiers. Water costs more per gallon as use increases.

MyWater is available to all Utilities water customers, helping you track water use and costs with water reports and an easy-to-use web and mobile portal.

Learn about programs and services to help manage utility costs and Utilities' Affordability Programs, including bill assistance options, the Medical Assistance Program and Payment Assistance Fund.

Additional information also is available to help you understand your Fort Collins Utilities bill.

Monthly Single-Family and Duplex Water Rates
(includes PILOT- payment in lieu of taxes)
Base Charge $18.30 $19.33
Tier Volume Charge, per 1,000 Gallons    
1 0-7,000 Gallons $2.83  
0-9,000 Gallons   $2.46
2 7,001-13,000 Gallons $3.26  
9,001-13,000 Gallons   $2.82
3 Over 13,000 Gallons $3.75 $3.25
Charges rounded to the nearest cent. Actual costs vary due to rounding.

Prices effective January 2021.

Check out our printable rates sheet for more information.

Multi-Family Water Rates#

Multi-family customers have a seasonal increase in rates. The volume charge is 25% greater during the six lawn-watering months (May - October) than in the other months (November - April).

Monthly Multi-Family Water Rates*
(includes PILOT- payment in lieu of taxes)
Base Charge, per account $13.90 $13.90
Additional Charge, per dwelling unit
$4.63 $4.63
Volume Charge, per 1,000 gallons $2.02 $2.53

Charges rounded to the nearest cent. Actual costs vary due to rounding.
*Effective on meter readings on or after Jan. 1, 2021.

Service charges may apply.