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Mandatory outdoor water restrictions on lawn watering and other outdoor water uses will go into effect Thursday, Oct. 1.

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Open curtains and shades during the winter so sun can warm your home.

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Rates pay for construction and maintenance of Fort Collins' stormwater system, which helps protect residents and businesses during storms and floods. All developed properties within city limits pay stormwater rates, which are based on:

  • Lot Size - lot area in square feet, plus the customer's share of open space in the development, if applicable
  • Base Rate - $0.00453
  • Rate Factor - based on the percentage of impervious area (surfaces that do not absorb water) such as buildings, parking lots and concrete

Formula for Estimated Monthly Rates:

  • Single-family Lots Under 12,000 Square Feet
    Monthly Rate = $0.00453 x runoff factor x square feet up to 12,000

  • Single-family Lots Over 12,000 Square Feet*
    Monthly Rate = $0.00113 x runoff factor x square feet > 12,000
    *These lots receive a reduction in fees on that portion of the lot greater than 12,000 feet.

  • Duplex and Multi-Family Lots
    Monthly Rate = $0.00453 x runoff factor x area in square feet.

Prices effective January 2020.

Rate Factor Percent of
Impervious Area
Rate Factor Category
(based on land use)
.25 0 - .30 Very Light
.4 .31 - .50 Light**
.6 .51 - .70 Moderate
.8 .71 - .90 Heavy
.95 .91-1.0 Very Heavy

**typical for residential

Service charges may apply.

Check out our printable rates sheet for more information.