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Qualifying Sprinkler Equipment#

Fort Collins Utilities offers residential and commercial sprinkler rebates for qualifying equipment.

Rain Sensors and Soil Moisture Sensors#

All models that connect to an automatic, in-ground sprinkler system are eligible.

Controllers, Flow Sensors, Master Valves, Spigot Timers#

50% up to $100

High-Efficiency Nozzles#

$3 per nozzle, 5 units min./24 units max., not to exceed purchase price

Drip Conversion Equipment#

  • Drip conversion kit
  • Drip line
  • Drip emitters
  • Pressure reducer and Y-screen
  • 1/4" distribution line
  • Connection fittings



Stand Alone Controllers
All WaterSense controllers with included weather-sensing equipment are weather-based controllers. All controller systems must be installed according to manufacturer specifications.

WaterSense Irrigation Controllers

Add-on Weather Stations (for retrofit)

All weather stations must be installed according to manufacturer specifications. Cannot be combined with WaterSense stand alone controller rebate.

WaterSense Add-on Weather Stations