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Area of Opportunity 5#

Increase community water literacy#

Water literacy means knowing where your water comes from and how you use it. Our community and its water supplies are unique and may be a mystery to many Fort Collins Utilities customers. In a semi-arid region and in the face of climate change, it is critical that we improve the understanding and awareness of the value of our water and the importance of responsible use. A more knowledgeable community will lead to a stronger, more resilient future.

  • Customer has greater understanding of role in the water system and Utilities' actions
  • Increased customer cooperation during drought or emergency conditions
  • Community is more resilient to drought
Potential Activities
  • Improved and expanded messaging strategies
  • Identify new and fresh approaches to education and outreach
  • Develop innovative methods to strengthen K-12 water literacy curriculum

Since 2014, we began providing Home Water Reports to select customers. The reports display usage information, comparisons to similar homes and efficiency tips. Households receiving these simple information reports are estimated to reduce their use by 2 percent each month.

City Plan Strategic Objectives

This Area of Opportunity aligns with City Plan Strategic Objectives (PDF 6.2MB) 4.6, 4.7, 4.8 and 7.4.

Did You Know?

Every 2 degrees higher you set your air conditioner can save up to 14% on cooling costs.

Watering in the early morning or late evening when there's less wind reduces water loss.

Algal blooms appear in waterbodies under certain environmental conditions. Mid-summer through early fall is when they most commonly occur.