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Protect Property#

Learn How to Protect Property from the Flood Hazard#

Flooding happens fast in Fort Collins, and there is often very little time to prepare. Advanced preparation is required to have your home or business ready for when a flood occurs.

Before a Flood

After a Flood

Purchase flood insurance.

Check for structural damage to your building.

Make an emergency plan for turning off utilities and gas at the main power switch.

Document all damages.

Document your belongings.

Remove all wet items.

Store valuable items (computers, family photos, heirlooms, etc.) at higher locations in your home.

Get a floodplain use permit and a building permit before making any repairs.

Extend downspouts away from the foundation. Ensure the grade slopes away from the building. Raise basement window wells to keep floodwater out.

Contact your insurance agent and file a flood insurance claim.

Clean-up after the 1997 Flood on Spring Creek.

Flood Damage Cost Estimator

Only Flood Insurance Covers Floods

Purchase flood insurance and ask about the CRS discount – Fort Collins has some of the lowest flood insurance premiums.

Technical Documents

Find technical documents related to property protection.

Did You Know?

Turning off the faucet while shaving or brushing teeth saves water.

Benchmarking your energy use compared to other similar businesses can help you identify and prioritize future building improvements 

Turning off lights and appliances when not in use saves energy