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Energy Tips

When washing fruits or vegetables, fill the sink with water instead of running the faucet.

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Commercial Electric Rates

2020 Rate Changes

Electric: <5% increase for electric distribution infrastructure improvements (varies slightly by rate class, see table below for detail)

Electric Rate Class 2020 % Increase
Residential 5.2%
Small Commercial 4.4%
Mid-Size Commercial 3.1%
Large Commercial 2.7%
Industrial 0.6%
Substation 0.0%

Commercial and industrial electric rates are determined by Utilities' costs to serve each rate class. Rate classes are based on the facility's average monthly demand for electricity (see the Rate Code* column on your bill).

  • Small Commercial (E200* series): average monthly demand less than 25 kilowatts (kW)
  • Mid-Size Commercial (E250* series): average monthly demand between 25 and 49 kW
  • Large Commercial (E300* series): average monthly demand between 50 and 749 kW
  • Industrial (E400* series): average monthly demand of 750 kW and above

Fort Collins Utilities offers programs, incentives and tips to help businesses conserve.

*Rate codes appear on monthly bills. They begin with the letter "E", plus the number representing the commercial rate class (e.g. E200, E250, E300 or E400). They also may begin with the letter "A" or "B" for service in an annexed area where additional Rural Electric Association (REA) service-rights fees apply. Fees of 5% are added to "A" rates, while 25% service-rights fees are added to "B" rates.

For detailed information, see the Fort Collins City Code Chapter 26, starting with section 26-462.