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How We Compare – Commercial/Industrial Electric Rates#

The Colorado Association of Municipal Utilities (CAMU) compares electric rates among municipalities, as well as investor-owned and cooperative utilities.

In January 2021, CAMU surveyed utilities to determine the average cost of electricity in Colorado. Based on that data, Fort Collins Utilities consistently ranked lower than the average utility bill for small commercial, large commercial and industrial bills. 

Small Commercial#

Average Small Commercial Utility Bill (Cost of 2,000 kWh + 10 kW) - Investor Utilities: $245; Co-Op Utilities: $265; Municipal Utilities: $248; Fort Collins Utilities: $209


Large Commercial#

Average Large Commercial Utility Bill (Cost of 45,000 kWh + 130 kW) - Municipal Utilities: $5,100; Investor Utilities: $5,063; Co-Op Utilities: $5,142; Fort Collins Utilities: $4,434



Average Industrial Utility Bill (Cost of 1,900,000 kWh + 3,000 kW) - Co-Op Utilities: $151,055; Investor Utilities: $149,051; Municipal Utilities: $146,020; Fort Collins Utilities: $133,913

Source: Internal Review of Rates, January 2021