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Appliance Rebates for HOA, Multifamily and Commercial Properties#

Clothes Washer Rebates#

Receive a rebate when you purchase a commercial grade ENERGY STAR® qualified clothes washer:

Other Appliance Rebates#

Other ENERGY STAR® commercial appliances available for rebates:

  • CEE Tier 2 or ENERGY STAR® Ice Machine: $100 per unit (rebates are in addition to food service rebate)
  • Electric Steamer: $750 per unit (rebates are in addition to food service rebate)
  • Commercial Dishwasher: Up to $2,000 (rebate varies depending on model)
  • Electric Fryer: $200 per unit
  • Electric Griddle: $600 per unit
  • Combination Oven: $600 per unit
  • Convection Oven: $2,000 per unit


  • Fixtures must be installed at a Fort Collins Utilities commercial water service address.
  • Fixtures must be purchased in the current calendar year, with paperwork completed by December 15 of the current calendar year.
  • Rebates of $1,000 or more require pre-approval. Email for more information.
  • Rebates may be applied to new construction if fixtures exceed current code requirements.

How to Participate#

Visit Efficiency Works to learn how to participate.

Click here for residential clothes washer rebates.

Did You Know?

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