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Cooling Rebates

Let Efficiency Works help reduce your utility bills and energy use. Rebates are available to improve your current heating or cooling system or toward the purchase of a new, more efficient unit.

Rebates in 2018

  • Evaporative condensing
  • Ductless mini splits
  • Advanced evaporative cooling
  • Economizers
  • Large chillers and RTUs* - custom

*units larger than 63.3 tons


  • PTAC/PTHP controls
  • Advanced RTU contollers
  • Premium ventilation package

Are you working with a contractor? Don't forget to ask for a high efficiency unit.

Visit Efficiency Works to apply for a cooling rebate


Advanced Rooftop Unit Controller
The rebate is based on the number of controllers installed. The majority of savings is achieved through reduced supply fan speeds (about 80 percent of total savings), followed by savings achieved from an integrated economizer and demand control ventilation.

Premium Ventilation Package
This rebate is applied when a contractor or customer is ordering a new rooftop unit and the incremental cost is low enough to justify adding these energy efficiency controls. It essentially achieves savings from an integrated economizer and demand control ventilation.

Evaporative Condensing
Evaporative condensing is a technology that pre-cools the outside air entering the condenser of a rooftop unit or condensing chiller with mist (water) or an evaporative media. It lowers the entering temperature, increasing efficiency and adding capacity to the unit.

Advanced Evaporative Cooling
Evaporative cooling works by evaporating water into an air stream, which reduces the temperature but increases humidity. Advanced evaporative coolers are not the swamp cooler of yesteryear. They greatly reduce energy consumption while using water wisely and maintaining air quality.

High Efficiency RTUs
Utilities partners with regional distributors to ensure high efficiency units are available at the lowest price possible. This partnership makes early retirement of older units more cost effective and removes the rebate paperwork. Call your contractor to learn more.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems
Specializing in localized cooling control, a ductless mini-split system can increase comfort while reducing the need for large, centralized cooling equipment.

Cooling Rebates (HVAC Equipment)

Rebates are available for high efficiency cooling upgrades, as well as for controls that reduce energy consumption. Rebates are based on the size and type of equipment.

Evaporative Condensing Pre-cools the air entering the condenser of a rooftop unit or air-cooled chiller with mist or an evaporative media. $100/ton
Advanced Evaporative
Direct, Direct/Indirect, or Indirect evaporative coolers. Continuous water ‘bleed’ systems for sediment control DO NOT qualify. Must guarantee air quality against bacteria, mold, and include a maintenance plan. $0.20 / cfm
Ductless Mini
Split Systems
Ductless Mini Splits less than 5 tons only. Minimum 12.5 EER, 17.0 SEER. $300 / ton
Economizers Add an economizer to either an existing unit or to a replacement high efficiency unit where an economizer previously did not exist, or is not required by code. $250 / unit
Advanced RTU Controller After market controllers that utilize variable supply fan control combines with integrated economizer and demand ventilation controls. $2,000 / unit
Custom Process related cooling (i.e. process chillers, warehouse cooling bays, etc.) Varies