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Permanent Stormwater Feature Inspection and Installation#

On August 1, 2017, Fort Collins Utilities' began phasing in on-site inspections of all permanent stormwater features at regular intervals for new construction projects. These include:

  • Extended detention basins
  • Rain gardens
  • Bio-swales
  • Sand filter basins
  • Porous pavers
  • Underground detention
  • Any future features as they are approved

Field verification by a City Stormwater Inspector is now required as stated in the project Development Agreement, City Land Use Code Section 3.3.2(E)(1)(e), and Fort Collins Stormwater Criteria Manual Ch 3, Sec 3.1). Project managers should request inspections prior to installation of stormwater features, or at a minimum, keep the City inspector up to date on scheduling.

Inspections will target the milestones listed in the feature’s corresponding construction checklist, which is submitted as part of the Site Grading and Drainage Certification (checklists may change as the program evolves).

As part of the certification process, certification checklist documentation still will be submitted to Utilities’ Water Engineering Department, and will now require acknowledgment that verification occurred at the intervals specified therein. In the event that a stormwater inspector is unable to perform an on-site inspection, this documentation may serve as a substitute to be reviewed by the inspector at a later date.

Previously, these features were certified through forms submitted to Utilities' Water Engineering Department without field verification. As a result, Utilities found issues in some cases with the construction processes and materials used. This raised the potential for extensive work to correct problems. Identifying and correcting issues earlier in the installation process during on-site inspections will save time and money for all parties involved.

This program is being implemented per the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System, also known as the MS4, held by the City of Fort Collins. It reads:

CDPS General Permit COR090000 Stormwater Discharges Associated with Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) – Authorizations to Discharge under the Colorado Discharge Permit

Part I.
E. Pollutant Restrictions, Prohibitions, and Reduction Requirements and Recordkeeping.

4. Post-Construction Stormwater Management in New Development and Redevelopment

a. The following requirements apply:

vi. Construction Inspection and Acceptance: The permittee must implement inspection and acceptance procedures to ensure that control measures are installed and implemented in accordance with the site plan and include the following:

(A)Confirmation that the completed control measure operates in accordance with the approved site plan.

(B)All applicable development sites must have operational permanent water quality control measures at the completion of the site. In the case where permanent water quality control measures are part of future phasing, the permittee must have a mechanism to ensure that all control measures will be implemented, regardless of completion of future phases or site ownership. In such cases, temporary water quality control measures must be implemented as feasible and maintained until removed or modified. All temporary water quality control measure must meet one of the design standards in Part I.E.4.a.iv. For the purpose of this section, completion of a site or phase shall be determined by the issuance of a certificate of occupancy, use of the completed site area according to the site plan, payment marking the completion of a site control measure, the nature of the selected control measure or equivalent determination of completion as appropriate to the nature of the site.

Inspection Requests#

For inspection requests, contact a minimum of 48 hours (two business days) before the first inspection date.

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