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Stormwater Criteria#

Low Impact Development (LID)#

In February of 2013, City Council adopted the LID policy and criteria in Ordinance 152, 2012. This Ordinance was later updated in January 2016 with Ordinance 007, 2016 to provide additional flexibility in the implementation of the LID Policy.

The LID Implementation Manual has been adopted as part of the Stormwater Criteria Manual and is attached as Appendix C: LID Implementation Manual.

Construction details for commonly used LID systems

Did You Know?

Wearing an extra layer of clothing during the winter and lowering the thermostat a few degrees can help save money and energy.

Using low water-using plants that provide seasonal colors and textures for year-round beauty can help save on irrigation costs.

Fort Collins Utilities is community-owned. Because of that, our customers benefit from lower rates and revenues that stay here.