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Use solar screens over windows with excess sun.

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Treated Drinking Water

High-Quality Drinking Water

High-Quality Drinking Water

We are committed to providing customers with reliable drinking water of superior quality. Our treated drinking water consistently surpasses state and federal standards for purity.

Corrosion Control

Coming from snowmelt and rain water, our drinking water has a low mineral content and is naturally soft. Without additional treatment, soft water can be corrosive to home plumbing.

In 1984, eight years before the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required corrosion control, Fort Collins Utilities implemented a successful corrosion control program to prevent the leaching of lead and copper from water pipes.

Before leaving the treatment plant, calcium is added to balance the mineral content and carbon dioxide is added to provide buffering capacity. This combination effectively minimizes corrosion of copper plumbing joined with lead-tin solder in home plumbing. Internal plumbing in homes older than the mid-1980s may contain copper pipes with lead-tin soldering.

Contact the Water Quality Lab at 970-221-6863 with drinking water questions. Any concerns about home plumbing should be directed to a licensed plumber.

Water Quality Report

Fort Collins Utilities is pleased to provide you with our Drinking Water Quality Report, detailing where our water comes from, what it contains and other information.

Also available from the Water Quality Laboratory is the bottled water comparison (PDF 16KB).

Drinking Water Quality Policy Annual Report

City Council Resolution 93-144 adopted the Drinking Water Quality Policy to ensure continuous delivery of high quality drinking water to Fort Collins Utilities' customers. The policy states this will be achieved by:

  • effective management
  • pro-active monitoring and testing, protecting, developing and preserving water resources
  • advancing treatment technology and operations
  • operating and maintaining the water distribution system and assuring the quality of service
  • coordinating drinking water and wastewater treatment management
  • cooperating with other water providers and users
  • annual reporting

Each year, actions taken in support of the policy are reported to the City Council and Water Board. The annual reports are available for 201820172016, 2015 (PDF 16KB) and 2014 (24KB). Additional reports are available upon request.

Contact Utilities for more information.