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Water Distribution System Flushing

Fort Collins Utilities flushes the water distribution system in early April for approximately eight weeks, weather permitting, weekdays, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Hydrant flushing helps maintain water quality and keeps our water fresh.

Flushing will take place one section at a time, beginning on Mason Street and moving eastward to Northern Lights Drive (just past Ziegler Road), with Willox Lane as the northern boundary and Harmony Road as the approximate southern boundary.

Please be cautious of people working in the streets and observe traffic diversions.

When flushing, fire hydrants are opened, increasing the velocity of water moving through the pipes. Flushing removes sediments that may affect the water's taste and color and is an essential preventive maintenance strategy for the water distribution system.

While a loss of water pressure is common, the process doesn't typically interrupt water service.

Check out the demonstration video.

Cloudy Water
Flushing may cause your water to appear cloudy or discolored. Though not harmful, this water may stain laundry. If this occurs:

  • wait until the nearby flushing is complete
  • remove faucet aerators or filters
  • let the COLD water faucet run until the water clears

This water can still be used on plants and landscaping.

Water system flushing uses a minimal amount of water. It's a proactive and essential component of preventive maintenance, allowing crews to assess the condition of the distribution system and fire hydrants during the process.

For more information, contact Utilities.

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