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Septic Waste Disposal


The Drake Water Reclamation Facility accepts liquid hauled waste from permitted haulers at the Sanitary Waste Transfer Station, located onsite. Permitted wastes include septage waste from septic tanks, portable toilets and other sources of domestic waste.

Haulers that wish to discharge liquid hauled waste at the Sanitary Waste Transfer Station must submit a liquid waste hauler permit application (PDF 17KB) to the IPP office and furnish a copy of their current Larimer County Systems Cleaner License and cleaner permits from any other counties to be serviced. Copies of material safety data sheets also are required if any chemicals are used in their processes.

Once a permit is issued, the hauler is given access to the Sanitary Waste Transfer Station, and is required to fill out a manifest each time they discharge any hauled waste. Although there is no fee associated with the permit, there is a cost to the hauler on a per gallon basis. Refer to City Code Sec. 26-289 (5) (a).