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West Vine Basin Flood History#

During rainfall events, runoff generated within the basin travels from west to east flooding low-lying areas where historic channels have disappeared. Development over the years left some areas with inadequate or undersized stormwater infrastructure while other areas have no stormwater infrastructure at all.

Many structures in the basin lie within the floodplain and have suffered damage during even relatively small storm events. During a 100-year storm, the 2002 Stormwater Master Plan identified 33 structures and 14 roads that would be impacted by flooding resulting in an estimated $1.7 million in damages.

Notable flood events observed in the West Vine Basin:


Irish Drive was flooded by a storm centered over downtown that dropped two and a half inches of rain in less than one hour. Snowplows were used to push water from Irish Drive into the irrigation canal.


A storm caused water to overtop Overland Trail and flooded several homes.


Nearly 12 inches of rain fell in two days in the western portion of the West Vine and Spring Creek basins. A large area of ponding formed on Hollywood Street on July 28, inundating houses in the area with three to four feet of water before it spilled onto Sunset Street and into the Irish neighborhood. Damages resulting from this event caused an outcry by hard-hit residents for drainage improvements by the County. Homes in other parts of the basin also were damaged by this storm.


A slow moving spring rainfall event caused significant flooding in the basin when over four inches of rain fell in a two-day period on an already rain-soaked ground. This storm culminated in the second wettest April on record. Floodwaters reached depths of 18 inches on Hollywood Street and triggered voluntary evacuations. East of this area, on Irish Drive, City crews filled sandbags and pushed water into the New Mercer Irrigation Canal with snowplows and heavy machinery.

Flooding near Taft and Laporte

Ponded flooding in a field upstream of Taft Hill Road northwest of the intersection of Taft Hill Road and Laporte Avenue.

Flooding along Sunset and Cherry

Flooding around structures west of Sunset Lane near the intersection of Sunset Lane and Cherry Street.

Flooding on PSD Campus

High water mark left behind by flooding through the Poudre School District Administrative Campus. Note the debris line 12 to 18 inches up from the bottom of the chain link fence.

Flooding along Sunset and Cherry

Another view of flooding west of Sunset Lane near the Cherry Street intersection.

Flooded structures: Taft Hill Road and Laporte Avenue

Flooded structures west of Taft Hill Road and north of Laporte Avenue.

Flooded property along Sunset Lane

Flooded property along Sunset Lane.

Flooded property along Sunset Lane

Another view of flooding near Sunset Lane.

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