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Planning for the Future#

Long-term planning is a key element in being able to provide for customers now and into the future.

Our predecessors planned well for our future, and we are fortunate to have a vast portfolio of water rights and flexible water sources. With this in mind, we continue to plan for the growth of our community and service area.

Water Supply and Demand Management Policy#

The City of Fort Collins’ Water Supply and Demand Management Policy provides a foundational framework for water supply and demand management decisions concerning the City’s water supply system.

Learn more about how Utilities manages its current water supplies while planning for future demands in the Fort Collins Water Supply and Demand Management Policy Revision Report.

View the Policy

Halligan Water Supply Project#

Halligan Reservoir with Halligan Water Supply Logo

One way that we are planning and preparing for the future is the Halligan Water Supply Project. By expanding the capacity of the existing Halligan Reservoir, we will have more water storage and be able to increase our water supply capacity and flexibility to meet demands from projected population growth and severe drought or emergencies like fires and infrastructure issues.

Learn More about the Halligan Water Supply Project

Did You Know?

Mowing with a dull blade tears grass and stresses the lawn. Always be sure to mow with a sharp mower blade.

When it rains and as snow melts, runoff carries pollutants such as oil, antifreeze and gas down storm drains, contaminating our rivers, streams and lakes. Don't drip and drive.

Opening windows on summer evenings brings in cool outdoor air.