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Spring Creek at Edora Stream Restoration#

Restoration plan

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Fort Collins Utilities and City Engineering worked to replace the bridge over Spring Creek at Edora Park and improve and restore the creek. Preliminary Utilities work began in September 2018 and work in Spring Creek began in 2019.

The Riverside Bridge project, which crosses Spring Creek near the Edora Pool Ice Center (EPIC), was replaced by City Engineering beginning in mid-September. Visit for more information. 

City Engineering raised Riverside Avenue out of the 100-year floodplain. Utilities work to realign Spring Creek began in mid-January, and included stabilizing banks and improving fish and wildlife habitats. Revegetation and restoration of the landscape will continue through the summer of 2019. The creek improvements were scheduled for the fall and winter months to coincide with the lowest Spring Creek flows.

Riverside Bridge Replacement

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