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Electric Meter Maintenance#

As part of our commitment to reliability, accuracy, safety and quality, Fort Collins Utilities routinely maintains the infrastructure for all four utilities: water, wastewater, stormwater and electricity. Both Utilities crews and contractors work to construct infrastructure upgrades and perform maintenance activities.

The City's electric system and infrastructure includes the operation and maintenance of utility-owned electric meters. The following maintenance tasks ensure continued accurate and reliable measurement of energy consumption:

  • Testing for accuracy on a regular basis
  • Installing meter firmware with upgraded functionality for proper operation and communication with the smart meter system
  • Inspecting meter sockets and enclosures regularly to identify potential safety issues
  • Exchanging meters
    • As needed for accuracy and communication with smart meter network
    • Proactively to:
      • Support new rate structures
      • Upgrade for functionality that cannot occur through firmware upgrades
      • Address quality issues from the manufacturer
      • Update to new industry standards and/or requirements