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Sprinkler Systems#

During the watering season, sprinkler systems are a common cause of high consumption and leaks.

  • If the sprinkler controller loses power, it will reset to run every day.
  • Most controllers have multiple programs (A, B and C). Program A is typically used to water the grass and program B is often used to water other plants or garden. Sometimes extra zones or start times can be added to the incorrect program. Check your controller to make sure there are no undesired watering days or start times.
  • For watering schedule recommendations, visit the water-wise lawn care webpage and sign up for a free sprinkler checkup.

Broken or missing sprinkler parts can also cause high consumption. Most sprinkler systems are programmed to run during the night, so this may go on unnoticed. Check your sprinkler system regularly to ensure proper operation.

Some things to look for include:

  • Water seeping out of worn wiper seals between the neck and base of the sprinkler heads.
  • Missing or broken sprinkler heads.
  • Standing water in the green valve boxes.
  • Wet spots around sprinkler heads even when the system hasn't run for a couple days
  • Missing or broken drip emitters or cracked tubing. Water should trickle rather than squirt from emitters.

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Did You Know?

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Watering only when grass turns a dull, grey-green color and footprints remain helps save water and money.