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Youth Education Programs#

Fort Collins Utilities offers a variety of programs for grades K-12. See below for details.

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Agent Energywise

Grade Level: 3-5

Program Length: 1 hour

Students become secret agents investigating a tricky suspect—energy! This secret agent training class consists of three major activities that focus on light, heat and electricity. Students will use tools like light meters, laser thermometers and kill-a-watt meters to uncover clues to find energy even when it’s disguised in forms such as phantom power. This interactive program allows students to make their own energy discoveries based on independent measurements, while also working together as a class to understand the importance of energy conservation.

Dr. Waterwise

Grade Level: 2-5

Program Length: 1 hour

By playing interactive games and discussing individual water habits, Dr. Waterwise teaches students about the water cycle and water conservation behaviors. Students gain awareness of drinking water sources, how water is consumed, and why it is important to reduce use.

Filtration Station

Grade Level: 3-8

Program Length: 1-1.5 hours

In this activity, participants design their own layered water filter and compare it to the ability of plants and soil to remove suspended solids and other contaminants. Students learn more about the ecosystem services provided by plants, how pollutants and nutrients affect stormwater, and how this interaction can affect the greater watershed.

Hydropower Design Challenge

Grade Level: 6-12

Program Length: 1 hour 15 minutes

How does water make electricity? In this design challenge, students explore the connection between water and energy by discussing the components of a successful hydropower wheel and using a variety of materials to construct the most efficient turbine. Students work in groups to improve their designs throughout the class, while exploring thought-provoking questions to learn about the prominent energy sources used in Fort Collins.

Journey of a Water Droplet

Grade Level: 2-4

Program Length: 20-30 minutes

In this short, fun lesson, students become water droplets and take a journey through the water cycle. With a roll of the dice, students travel to the ocean, the clouds or even the roots of a plant. Students learn that water can be found everywhere by comparing their journey to that of their classmates’.

Just Passing Through

Grade Level: K-8

Program Length: 30 minutes

Raindrops pick up chemicals, oil, leaves, branches and dog waste and carry them to rivers, lakes and streams. Keeping pollutants out of waterways can improve water quality. Just Passing Through introduces stormwater and pollution prevention, comparing natural and man-made wetland filters through an interactive game. The group experiences the flow of stormwater as raindrops as they cross the landscape on their path to a stream, discovering how plants slow the flow to prevent flooding and water pollution.

Look Up and Live

Grade Level: 1-5

Program Length: 30 minutes

The display used in this entertaining presentation is a scale model of a typical overhead power line that carries 15,000 volts of electricity. Topics covered include why contact with overhead power lines may happen, how to best avoid it and what to do when it occurs. Participants are encouraged to "look up and live" before doing anything around power lines.

Shark Tank – Utilities Edition

Grade Level: 7-12

Program Length: 1 hour

Inspired by the popular TV show, Shark Tank – Utilities Edition makes tackling water and energy issues fun. The program introduces innovative local and global strategies for using resources wisely and gives students the chance to make the perfect pitch for switching to LED lights or building green rooftops. This program is great for creative and competitive groups and includes sustainable prizes.

Watershed Field Trip

Grade Level: K-12

Program Length: Varies, 1-3 hours

Inspired by the Poudre River Report Card, experience how water scientists assess all aspects of the river during a watershed field trip. From the riparian corridor to the shape of the river, to the life and chemistry within the water, participants discover what makes a river healthy and why that is important.

Wind Power Lab

Grade Level: 6-12 (college programming also available)

Program Length: 1-1.5 hours

Students learn how to harness the wind in this fun engineering challenge. Using a three-foot-tall wind turbine, a multimeter and a variety of turbine blades and weights, students investigate the most efficient design of a wind turbine and the factors that determine its success. The class analyzes the results of the challenge to learn more about Fort Collins’ largest source of renewable energy.

Did You Know?

When warm enough, you can save ~50 cents/load by hanging your laundry on a clothesline. Clotheslines are allowed everywhere in Fort Collins.

Oil and other toxic vehicle fluids end up in puddles where our kids and pets like to play. Don't drip and drive.

Changing your hot tub setting to "economy mode" can save energy and money.