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Five Steps to Quick Payment Processing#

Following the steps below will reduce the opportunity for error and result in quicker processing of your commercial payment.

commercial payment steps

Step 1

Collect all the bill stubs for each account you want to pay.

Step 2

Total the bill stubs.

Step 3

Write one check for the balance of all the bill stubs.

Step 4

Ensure your envelope is large enough for all stubs and check with adequate postage.

Step 5

Mail check and stubs to:
Fort Collins Utilities
PO Box 1580
Fort Collins, CO 80522

Please DO NOT include a spreadsheet or other supporting documents.

Fort Collins Utilities uses a third-party processor – First National Bank – to process payments. All they need is the bill stubs and a check totaling the balance of the stubs. Additional documentation, like spreadsheets, can delay processing and create additional follow up for staff.

Online payments are a good option for commercial customers with single accounts.

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