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Canal Importation Drainage Basin Stormwater Master Planning#

Basin Master Plan History#

The original stormwater master plan for the Canal Importation Basin was prepared in 1980 and updated in 2001. This 2001 update was completed in the aftermath of the 1997 flood and the subsequent update to the City’s rainfall criteria. Updates to the 2001 study were completed for both the hydraulics and hydrology in 2005/2006 and again in 2014.

A comprehensive update to the basin Selected Plan of Improvements is currently underway. The focus of the master plan studies is to provide a basis for stormwater management while taking into consideration drainageway management, reduction of flood hazards, reduction of property damage, effective use of public funds, and a cost/benefit analysis of improvement alternatives including water quality, channel patterns and ecology.

2014 Hydrology, Hydraulics and Floodplain Mapping#

A full update to the hydrologic and hydraulic modeling studies was completed in 2014 to reflect significant drainage improvements made by the City since the 2001 Master Plan. Notable improvements include the West Prospect Detention Pond, Sheldon Lake Drainage Improvement, and the Canal Importation Ponds and Outfall Project (CIPO).

This 2014 Master Plan effort updated the 2006 study utilizing detailed 2013 LiDAR topographic data and the latest hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software at that time. The current effective floodplain mapping for the Canal Importation Basin was also developed in 2014 as a part of these studies. These new floodplain and floodway boundaries are the most accurate and up-to-date representation of the 100-yr flood risk in the basin.

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2021 Selected Plan of Improvements#

With the completion of the update to the hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and associated floodplain mapping in 2014, Fort Collins Utilities is currently working to update the Selected Plan of Improvements section of the Stormwater Master Plan.

The Selected Plan evaluates different alternatives directed at addressing flooding issues identified in the floodplain mapping and then creates a recommended plan of improvements and design. In addition to developing solutions to reduce flood risk, the Selected Plan evaluates opportunities for water quality improvements, stream rehabilitation, habitat enhancement, open space preservation and recreation (i.e. parks, trail systems).

In 2021, Utilities gathered public input on the proposed improvements. At the conclusion of the update to the Selected Plan, a high-level design for each improvement will be developed and incorporated into Fort Collins’ citywide capital improvement project prioritization process. The updated Selected Plan of Improvements will be adopted in 2022.

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