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Property Managers & Rental Owners#

If you own a rental in Fort Collins, complete the Property Owner Information Form (PDF 67 KB) to make sure we have up-to-date, essential information about the utilities at your rentals (electric, water, wastewater and/or stormwater).

Your selections will remain in effect for a minimum of one year and will:

  • inform us how to handle utility services at your properties during tenant vacancies
  • authorize disclosure of limited account information to property managers
  • allow us to notify you when a tenant's account is delinquent

Ways to return your completed form:

direct mail:
Fort Collins Utilities
Customer Service Division
P.O. Box 580
Fort Collins, Colorado 80522-0580

Steps for filling out the Property Owner Information Form

Step 1: Let us know how to handle utility services at your properties during tenant vacancies. Options:

  • Leave Utilities On: This option will automatically transfer the account into your name when a tenant discontinues service. A $10 fee is assessed to your account each time the services are reverted for one day or more. Any usage during that time is billed to the property owner or manager. Please note: This option will not prevent discontinuance of service due to a tenant's delinquency.
  • Turn Utilities Off: Selecting this option will turn utilities off at the property when a tenant discontinues service. A service charge of $19.65 is assessed on the new occupant's account when services are reinstated. *Please note: Fort Collins Utilities is not responsible for damages resulting from interruption of service.

Step 2: Next, we require the owner's written authorization to share limited account information with property managers. If you use a property management company, please complete the "Property Management Information Release Authorization" section on the form.

Step 3: Finally, at your request, we will notify you if a tenant at your property has a delinquent utility account. While notification won't prevent the utilities from being turned off, this program helps owners reduce their liability and avoid surprises when selling a property. Fort Collins' municipal code Sec. 26-718 allows for the placement of perpetual liens on property for unpaid utility bills.

Please help us communicate to tenants that the best way to start/stop service is online.

  • Allow three business days from the time the request is confirmed for processing. Requests are processed during normal business hours.
  • Tenants moving from one address to another within Fort Collins Utilities service area must stop service at the old address and start service at the new address. In this case, the account number will change, so any automated payment service (e.g. e-Bill, the bank bill pay system, etc.) must be updated with the new account number.

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