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City Park Ave. & W. Mulberry St.#

project map

Project Overview#

The City is constructing transportation improvements in conjunction with road resurfacing in the City Park Ave./W. Mulberry St. area in Summer - Fall 2023. These improvements, which were recommended in the City's Active Modes Plan and Pedestrian Needs Assessment, include: 

  • intersection improvements at City Park Ave. and W. Mulberry St.;
  • removing parking on the east side of City Park Ave. from W. Plum St. to W. Mulberry St. in order to add/improve bike lanes; and
  • widening the sidewalk on the south side of W. Mulberry St. from City Park Ave. to west of S. Shields St.

City Park Ave. and W. Mulberry St. are key corridors in the City's low-stress bicycle network providing connections to City Park, Bennett Elementary, Dunn Elementary, downtown, and other key destinations. W. Mulberry St. is identified as high priority for sidewalk improvements in the City's Pedestrian Needs Assessment.

Neighborhood Meeting#

The City held a hybrid public meeting on transportation improvements in the City Park Ave./W. Mulberry St. area on Thursday, March 2nd from 6:00 to 7:00 PM. The presentation slides are available here.

Watch the meeting recording


Cortney Geary | Active Modes Manager, FC Moves | 970-416-2471 |