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Open Streets

Open Streets, Healthy Streets#

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Open Streets initiatives have gained popularity across North America over the past decade. In 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic has made public engagement a challenge, many communities have adapted their Open Streets initiatives to serve as places for people to recreate safely while decreasing traffic and increasing opportunities for physical distancing. 

Exercise and social connection remain important activities during these challenging times. Exercise and social connections can increase one's physical and mental health and in turn work to help improve the community's health and resiliency. 

Learn more about our 2020 Open Streets, Healthy Streets plans below on this page, and learn more about national Open Streets initiatives by clicking the button below.

National Open Streets initiative

Open Streets, Healthy Streets Goals#

  • Create temporary routes for people bicycling, walking, scooting, or rolling that feature reduced car traffic, slower and safer traffic speeds.
  • Create additional space for residents to exercise and be mobile. 
  • Calm traffic, reduce cut through traffic.
  • Preserve local traffic accessibility, including deliveries and emergency access.
  • Encourage bicycling, walking, scooting, and rolling as viable means of transportation. 

What's Changing in 2020#

What's Changing in 2020

For the entire month of September, we're creating temporary Open Streets, Healthy Streets across Fort Collins. Open Streets, Healthy Streets are streets that we consider walkable and bikeable on a daily basis, and we've added extra measures to calm traffic and create safer places to exercise, transport yourself, family and goods, and maintain safe social connections with your neighbors and friends. 

What's changing compared to typical Open Streets?

  • Open Streets, Healthy Streets will not feature vendors, activities, foods trucks or music. 
  • Open Streets, Healthy Streets will last the whole month of September.

What's not changing?

  • Residents still have 100% access to their homes all month long. 
  • Deliveries and emergency access is 100% guaranteed all month long.
  • Residents are encouraged to Chalk the Block, their driveway or sidewalks. 
  • Residents are encouraged to move daily household activities to their front porch to increase social opportunities while remaining at safe, healthy distance. 
  • Cut through traffic will be decreased in select neighborhoods.

Live Along the Route?#

Live Along the Route?

Do you live along an Open Streets, Healthy Streets route? Check out this important information below.

  • Before we close your street to thru traffic, we'll notify you. 
  • You will always have direct access to your residence, all the time. Your visitors will also be allowed.
  • Deliveries and emergency access are never impacted. 
  • Yes, the barricades are supposed to be in the middle of the street. While it may take you a few extra seconds to get home or exit the neighborhood, that's the goal: the slow down traffic to make it safer for everyone to use the street. 
  • Stay to the right of barricades. Check bike lanes or space next to sidewalks for bicyclists, walkers, scooters, or other people. 
  • Staff check the entire route once a day to resolve problems and check the status of the routes. 
  • Report missing or out of place barricades to 970.416.2628 or to

Want To Be Involved In Open Streets?#

Do you live near the Open Streets routes?
Bring your talent, skills, and neighborhood passion to the street! Bring your morning coffee or lunch to the street, chalk your block, or show off your art and talent. The street is yours! Resident access is facilitated throughout the event. Emergency vehicles always have access to the event route. Parking the day of is discouraged, but not prohibited.

Volunteer for Open Streets.
We love our Open Streets volunteers! Morning and afternoon shifts are available and are great options for families or groups. Lunch is provided. Contact Nick Heimann at to learn more, or check back soon for a direct link to sign up.

Bring your business or organization to Open Streets.
Contact Nick Heimann at for details on how you can join the event and other local business. 

Interested in sponsorship opportunities?
Contact Nick Heimann at for details. 

Open Streets 2018#

Open Streets 2018

Interested in what happens at Open Streets? Watch our promotional video from June 2018, one of our best Open Streets events yet!

You won't want to miss this great event to ring in the summer! Enjoy food trucks, live music, local artists, businesses and organizations. You can also watch our 2017 promotional video.

Watch Video

Upcoming Events#

Check back later for more information on 2020 Open Streets events.