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Remington Greenway Alternative Ideas Preliminary Construction Plans for Remington Greenway


During the 2010-11 Transportation Master Plan update process, the idea of Green Streets (also referred to as Reshaping Streets) emerged as a community priority and as a means to create streets that fulfill the City's goal of economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Green Streets is a broad term which includes a number of sustainability elements. Green Streets offer flexibility in street design to calm traffic, support active modes of travel such as bicycling and walking, integrate stormwater management strategies, and provide context-appropriate landscaping. The Green Street concept focuses on creating comfortable street environments that offer benefits to all users.

Selection of Remington
The intent of the Remington Greenway project is to provide a basis for:

  • Testing Innovative Ideas
  • Clarifying Costs
  • Studying Benefits

Remington Street between Mountain Avenue and Spring Park Drive was identified as a key location to pilot the Green Street concept.  As a North-South corridor paralleling College Ave., Remington provides an important route for people on foot and bike, offering easy access to Downtown and CSU. Remington St., is identified in the City’s 2014 Bicycle Master Plan as part of the 2020 low-stress bicycle network.


The Remington Greenway project will allow the City to test potential solutions such as buffered bike lanes, intersection calming through stop sign placement or roundabouts, drainage swales, rain gardens, curb ramps, pedestrian bulb-outs, and sidewalk enhancements. Ideas which provide successful solutions can then be implemented in other areas of the city.

Buffered Bike Lanes
Center turn lanes will be removed along the corridor, making room for 6’ bike lanes. Additionally, a 2.5’ painted buffer will be installed on each side of the bike lane.  Parallel parking will remain as is.

Pedestrian Bulb Outs & Transfort Stops
Pedestrian bulb-outs will be built at the Elizabeth intersection and the Lake intersection.  Bulb-outs help narrow the crossing distance for pedestrians crossing the street, and also act as a traffic calming measure. Pads for future Transfort bus stops will also be installed during the project, to support a future route on Remington.

Rain Garden
A rain garden, which will be installed near the CSU Trail Gardens, is a stormwater feature that captures rain water and acts as “bioretention” helping to reduce stormwater flows into the storm drains and to improve water quality.remington

Intersection Conversions

Intersections along Remington will see various changes including:

  • Remington & Lake (converting 4-way stop to 2-way stop)
  • Remington & Pitkin (converting signals to 4-way stop)
  • Remington & Elizabeth (converting signals to 4-way stop)
  • Remington & Laurel (converting signal to mini roundabout)


Construction impacts to traffic are largely complete. Landscaping and clean-up work will continue to take place, weather dependent.


Timothy Kemp | Civil Engineer III | | 970.416.2719
Tessa Greegor | FC Bikes Program Manager | | 970-416-2471
Aaron Iverson, AICP | Senior Transportation Planner | | 970-416-2643