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Bicycle Wayfinding System Plan#

The 2014 Bicycle Master Plan identified bicycle wayfinding as a priority element of the City’s 2020 low-stress bicycle network.  The 2014 Plan included high-level bicycle wayfinding design guidance, and recommended the development of a comprehensive wayfinding system plan.

Project Overview#

A comprehensive bicycle wayfinding system can help people navigate the city's low-stress bicycle network, access key destinations by bike, and identify where optimal cycling routes exist. Bicycle wayfinding can also strengthen community identity and encourage people to ride.

In early 2015, the City initiated the development of a comprehensive bicycle wayfinding system plan as a primary recommendation of the 2014 Bicycle Master Plan. This Plan was completed in December 2015, and includes a citywide bicycle wayfinding system map, recommended sign designs, placement guidance, and sign programming for five priority routes. The City aims to begin its wayfinding system implementation in 2016 along Remington and Swallow.


Cortney Geary| Active Modes Program Manager| 970-416-2471|