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Online Classes#

Bike Maintenance 2#

Bike Maintenance 2

In this second part intro to bicycle mechanics class we will focus on taking maintenance up a notch. Everything covered can easily be done at home to keep your bike happy. If this is your first time trying out at home maintenance on a bicycle, we recommend you take the Maintenance 1 class first. There we cover foundational topics like fix a flat. We will cover the following topics as time allows:

  1. Cables and housing- a basic overview
  2. Barrel adjusters- use to improve performance for braking and shifting
  3. Brakes- types of braking systems and adjustments you can make beyond barrel adjusters
  4. What's that sound?- a basic diagnosis of problems

Students should come to class already knowing what kind of brakes they have. This might require some research, but don't be afraid to jump in to the next level!

Students that complete the class will receive free tire levers or patch kit.

Next Class January 19 from noon to 1:30 pm and from 6 to 7:30 pm

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Bicycle Friendly Driver - Lunch n' Learn!#

Bicycle Friendly Driver - Lunch n' Learn!

Discuss traffic safety laws and responsibilities for both cyclists and motorists, shared responsibilities, and how to avoid crashes or conflicts. This class addresses:

  • Why sharing the road is the safest alternative for both motorists and bicyclists
  • What's legal and what's not legal, for both motorists and bicyclists
  • Common crashes and how to avoid them
  • Why bicyclists "take the lane" and what motorists should do in response
  • How to navigate bicycle related infrastructure such as: sharrows, bike boxes, and green lanes

Earn a Bicycle Friendly Driver certification upon completion of the course.

Next class January 21 from noon - 1 pm

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Cycling in Winter#

Cycling in Winter

Interested in riding year-round, but not sure how to prepare for the colder season? Learn tips and techniques to help you ride safely, confidently, and comfortably. Topics include what to wear, what to ride, safe winter bike handling, route selection, and winter bike maintenance.

Students will get a free bike lights, Fort Collins bike map, and reflective stickers for attending!

Next class February 2 from from 5:30 to 6:45 pm

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Digital Resources#

Bike Maintenance Resources#

Bike Maintenance Resources

Is your bicycle not running as smoothly as you's like?  Don't let that stop you from riding. You can perform basic bike maintenance at home. Here are some online resources to help you get your bike up and running:

Bike shops are an essential service, so if you need professional help to get your bicycle up and running, reach out to your local bike shop.

Bike Buddy Program

Need help learning the ins and outs of bicycle commuting? Whatever your situation,
a Bike Buddy can help get you bicycling to work, school or wherever you’re heading.

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Back on the Bike Tips

Has it been awhile since you've ridden your bike? Looking for tips to help you get back in the saddle? The League of American Bicyclists has a great resource page to help you get rolling.

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Safe Riding and Driving Tips

  • Safe and lawful riding
  • Driving tips: sharing the road with bicyclists
  • Traffic law highlights

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Safe Routes to School Online Learning Resources

The Safe Routes to School Program has a resource page to support at-home learning by local Fort Collins students. The resources are designed for use by elementary, middle-school, and high-school students. 

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2019 Bike Map

  • See the City's low stress bicycle network
  • Great for route planning
  • Learn valuable safety tips

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Tips from the League of American Bicyclists

  • Helmet fit
  • ABC Quick Check
  • Trail etiquette
  • Bike comfort 

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CDOT's Colorado Bicycling Manual

  • Colorado bicycling laws
  • Safety tips
  • Bicycling FAQs

View the Manual

Educational Videos#

Why people on bikes take the lane#

How to safely ride your bicycle through a roundabout#

Learn about bicycle traffic signals and protected bike lanes#