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Shift Your Ride. Get outside.#


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We want you to Shift Your Ride! Make the pledge September 6th to October 31st, 2022 and become eligible to receive a $100 visa gift card! 

Shifting your ride can be easy. There are many ways to get around Fort Collins without using a car, even if you have extra errands to run. We've compiled several resources and simple steps on this page to help you get out of your car and actually enjoy your transportation options. 

New for 2022, the City of Fort Collins and the NFRMPO are working together to set up a regional Shift Your Ride effort to get people to shift at least one trip per week from their vehicle to a bike ride, a walk, a trip on the bus, or telecommute. Together, we can make a difference and improve our air quality.

Sign-up to make the pledge here and proudly display the Shift yard sign, letting your community know that you are committed to making shifts in your transportation choices.  #shiftyourridefoco 

For more information on $100 gift card giveaway details contact program manager, Anna Kelso at

You're the Shift!#

Contact to request your Shift yard sign today!

Why Shift Your Ride?#

By making simple choices about how we move around, we can shift extra time and money to things that really matter, like spending time with our family, clean air and crisp mountain views, or getting and staying fit. Shift to what matters most to you.

Below, you can find information about upcoming events that can help you Shift Your Ride, resources to explore and find the ride mode of transportation for you, and more. 

Shift Your Ride Resources#

We want you to feel successful in Shifting Your Ride, so we've compiled quick steps to help you shift, tips and resources for every skill level. There are many "right" ways to Shift Your Ride and plenty of alternatives.

For a personalized approach to Shifting Your Ride, contact us today!


Quick steps to get you bicycling:

1. Dust off your bike, or get it fixed.

2. Find your helmet or buy a new one. Make sure it fits correctly.

3. Check the Bike Map to pick your route. It's easy to avoid busy streets with the Low-stress network.

4. Brush up on your safety knowledge before your ride. Take an online class.

5. Remember the joy of riding a bike.

Learn more about bicycling


Quick steps to get you walking:

1. Find the right pair of shoes.

2. Pick your route. The Bike Map can help, or start by walking around your block.

3. Check out some tips about walking when sidewalks don't exist.

4. Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly, including bringing extra supplies like water, snacks, or dog bags.

5. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the scenery.

Learn more about walking


Quick steps to get you telecommuting:

1. Check with your employer for telecommuting policies.

2. Set up your home works station, including adjusting chair or desk height to maintain healthy posture while working at home.

3. Get into a routine to help you adjust to working from home. This might include a brisk walk around your neighborhood before starting work to get you in work mode.

4. Get outside from time to time to break up the day and help transition to and from work mode.

5. Realize the time and money you've saved by telecommuting.

Learn more


Quick steps to scooting:

1. Download Spin app.

2. Find a scooter near you, scan/enter the QR code to unlock.

3. Scoot your heart out. Use bike lanes when using electric scooters, remember to dismount and walk in crosswalks, and scoot in the direction of traffic.

4. Find an appropriate place to park your rented scooter. Avoid parking in the middle of sidewalks or places where people walking are expected.

5. End your ride on the app.

Learn more about scooting

Transit and buses

Steps to get your riding transit:

1. Plan your trip. Using the planning tool, enter your origin and destination. Make note of your Route.

2. Check the route's timetable. The times listed are times the bus is expected to arrive.

3. Pay your fare. You can purchase passes in advance online, or in-person at one of three transit centers. Transfort fares are currently free for all users.

4. Bike, walk, or scoot to your stop.

5. Board the bus. Bikes are welcome if space is available. Enjoy your ride!

6. Repeat to return.

Learn more about transit

Household car sharing

Quick steps to household car sharing:

1. Determine your household's schedule. Who needs to leave and return, and when? The goal is to only use one car where two cars were used before.

2. Rearrange you schedules as much as possible. Can you start work slightly later or earlier? How can you use extra time if you arrive early are have to wait for your ride afterwards?

3. Plan to combine trips. Have an extra hour in the morning or evening where household schedules don't align? Use that time to shop for groceries, exercise, or catch up on homework.

4. Plan to save trips. If you can accomplish errands during the week, your weekends can be car-free!

5. Refine and repeat.


Quick steps to get you vanpooling:

  1. Create a VanGo account.
  2. Prior to your intended trip, enter your home, destination, and preferred arrival time information.
  3. If you can't find a match, and want to learn how to get a new vanpool started, reach out to Shane Armstrong at
  4. Be ready to go; pack your lunch ahead of time and other items you'll need. Have them ready for the van's arrival.
  5. Enjoy the ride with your vanpool buddies!


Quick steps to get you sharing a ride:

  1. Ask your neighbors, coworkers, or other parents at school if they want to share a ride.
  2. Figure out a schedule, logistics, and ground rules using these helpful tips from CSU.
  3. Alternatively, use your smartphone to download rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft.
  4. Bonus points if you select "pool" options to share your ride with others.
  5. Enjoy your ride with others.

Additional Resources#

Now that you've learned the basics about Shifting Your Ride, check out some additional resources below. Check back frequently as we'll continue to add resources!

Bike Buddy Program

Are you interested in bicycling more, but have questions or concerns about safe route choices, safety information, or looking for some person-to-person connection? Check out our Bike Buddy Program, a program designed with individuality in mind. Whatever your current situation, a Bike Buddy can help you learn the ins and outs of bicycling in Fort Collins.

Learn about Bike Buddy

Youth Progams

Adults aren't the only ones who can Shift Their Ride! Our Safe Routes to School Program typically provides school-based education and hands-on learning about safe bicycling and walking designed specifically with youth in mind. We have online resources for:

  • Elementary school aged youth.
  • Middle school aged youth.
  • High school aged youth and young drivers.

Learn more about SRTS

Bike Map

Whether your bicycling, walking, or scooting, you'll want to find a safe and comfortable place to move. Check out our bike map for all the best bikeways, trails, and low-volume streets for an enjoyable experience.

Bike Maps

Shift Tips

We've compiled more Shift Tips than we know what to do with. We hope that these tips will help you Shift Your Ride. Share these with your friends, neighbors, and coworkers to have an even bigger impact.

Find Shift Tips

Low-Stress Network

Fort Collins loves trails, and the City maintains several scenic and historic trails, but they're not always the most direct routes. Fortunately, Fort Collins also has a Low-Stress Bikeway Network connecting destinations across the city. These streets are typically lower car volume, lower speed streets through neighborhoods that we consider to be walkable and bikeable on a daily basis. Check out our Low-Stress Bikeway Network for robust connections to major destinations.

Low-Stress Network Guide

Learn From Home

We've shifted many of our typical resources online, including our adult-oriented educational classes, Safe Routes to School resources, plus rules of the road, bicycle maintenance demos, and much more.

Learn more

Looking for fun ways to Shift Your Ride?#

National Bike Challenge

The National Bike Challenge starts May 1 and runs through the end of September. Are you up for the challenge?

The National Bike Challenge is a great resource for people new to bicycling as well as seasoned cyclists. The platform allows you to set personal goals and track you progress, see how your mileage stacks up against friends and workplace colleagues, and to see how Fort Collins stacks up to other communities.

Not quite ready to join the National Bike Challenge, or looking for other ways to Shift Your Ride? Check out more resources below.

Learn more

Bike to Work (or Wherever) Day

Our next Winter Bike to Work (or Wherever) Day is February 10, 2023!

What is Bike to Work (or Wherever) Day? Some have described it as "Fort Collins' best holiday". The point is to get on your bike wherever you're headed that morning!

Visit our Bike to Work (or Wherever Day) website for more information.

Learn more

Bikeway Bingo#

Looking for something fun and active this summer? Explore and learn about Fort Collins’ family-friendly bikeways, parks, natural areas, neighborhoods, and public art using a series of five Fort Collins Bikeway Bingo Challenges. Complete all 5 and you’ll be able to expertly navigate Fort Collins’ extensive bikeway network! For tips, route maps, and bicycling resources before your roll, check out the rest of our website.

Except for the "Signed Bikeways" Bingo Challenge, each Bingo Theme linked below features five randomized cards - try them with your friends and family! #BikewayBingo

About Us#

Shift Your Ride Month is developed by several key City programs. We represent our Climate Program, transportation planning department, and Shift FoCo. We care deeply about mobility, climate action, and our beautiful community. Learn more about us below. 

Our Climate Future

Learn more about Fort Collins' ambitious Climate Action Plan referred to as Our Climate Future. See what our current emissions portfolio is, and what it's going to take to reach our goals, with your help.

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FC Moves

FC Moves is the City's mobility management department. Our duties include planning for future transportation needs from new streets to re-envisioning existing street designs. FC Moves also hosts youth and adult-based educational curriculum, and coordinates events like Open Streets and Bike to Work Days. Learn more about what FC Moves does and how their work ties into Shifting Your Ride.

Learn More

Shift FOCO

Our Shift Your Ride initiative is just part of a bigger strategy to encourage the Fort Collins community to shift their behaviors to help build a sustainable and resilient community for future generations. Ready to Shift? Check out all the other ways your individual actions play a bigger role towards achieving Our Climate Future.

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