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2014 Bicycle Master Plan#

The Bicycle Master Plan envisions Fort Collins as a world-class city for bicycling. It is a city where people of all ages and abilities have access to a comfortable, safe, and connected network of bicycle facilities, and where bicycling is an integral part of daily life and the local cultural experience. The Bicycle Master Plan sets a vision for the year 2020, when one in five people will ride a bike, and bicycle-related crashes will be fewer than today.


Bicycle Education & Safety Plan
2011 | 66 pgs | 1M

Bicycle Education & Safety Plan Summary
2011 | 8 pgs | 4.6M

Bicycle Plan
2008 | 156 pgs | 18M

League of American Bicyclists Feedback Report
2013 | 6 pgs | 729K

Project Overview#

Over the course of 2014, City staff worked with the community to develop a new Bicycle Master Plan for Fort Collins, which builds on the city's 2013 designation as a Platinum Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. The Fort Collins City Council adopted the Bicycle Master Plan in December, 2014. The Plan document and appendices can be downloaded from this page.

The Bicycle Master Plan integrates existing city plans, best practices and innovative thinking, and proposes a comprehensive set of strategies to create a safe and comfortable bicycling environment for people of all ages. The Plan includes several appendices with details pertaining to existing conditions, public engagement, existing bicycle programs, bicycle facility design and wayfinding guidelines, and implementation details.