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Safe Routes to School

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Kruse Elementary students take a ride down the Power Trail on Kruse Bike Day

National Bike to School Day and Bike Week in May

Fourth-graders riding new grant-funded bicycles

Fourth-graders enjoy new CDOT grant-funded bicycles on their school's bike field trip.


National Bike to School Day is Wednesday, May 8, 2019, and some local schools will celebrate Bike Week May 6-10. Kids at thousands of schools across America will hop on bikes this week as part of a national campaign to get more kids biking and walking as part of their daily routine. At least 16 schools in Fort Collins will be participating in this event, with free breakfast, fun giveways and drawings for prizes. Check with your school to see what is planned.

Learn more about National Bike to School Day!

New SRTS Video Highlights School Educational Programming

Bike-ped safety education video

SRTS teaches bike-ped safety to about 7,500 local students each year.


Learn how the City's SRTS program partners with Bike Fort Collins and other organizations to teach bicycle and pedestrian safety in local schools. SRTS programming takes place primarily during PE classes but also during after-school biking and walking clubs.

Check to see when we'll be coming to your school!

Fort Collins Awarded CDOT Grant for Bike-ped Crossing

New crossing to come at Drake and Hampshire

Students at Blevins Middle School and Olander Elementary will have a new location to cross Drake on their way to school.


The City's SRTS program has been awarded $495,851 in Colorado Department of Transportation grant funding to design and build a new crossing for bicyclists and pedestrians on the Hampshire Bikeway at Drake and Hampshire. This project is also an important component of the City's low-stress bike network for all residents to use. The projected completion date for this project is fall 2020.

Learn more about CDOT's SRTS programming and grants.

Where to Find Us in Spring 2019

Spring 2019 Schedule

Students from Blevins Middle School enjoy a practice ride during PE.


Safe Routes to School is gearing up for the spring semester, and we have a ton of programming planned! 

We'll be providing bike-ped safety education during PE classes at the following schools:

We'll also be working with several schools on activities such as after-school biking and walking clubs and bike field trips. We plan to lead bike clubs at Irish Elementary, Riffenburgh Elementary, Shepardson Elementary, and Lincoln Middle School, as well as walking clubs at Bauder Elementary and Putnam Elementary.Check with your school principal, wellness team or PE teacher to see if we'll be at your school this semester!

Once again, we're partnering with Bike Fort Collins, Overland Mountain Bike Club, the CDOT SRTS program and other key organizations to provide this programming.

Check to see when we'll be coming to your school!

Lincoln Middle School Bike Club -- Fall 2018

Thanks, FoCo Fondo!

Lincoln Middle School hosted an after-school bike club in fall 2018 led by an SRTS instructor from Bike Fort Collins and Lincoln teachers. This club, along with the Riffenburgh Elementary Rock Riders MTB club, was sponsored by the FoCo Fondo. A portion of the proceeds from the 2019 FoCo Fondo will again go toward after-school bike clubs and summer bike camps. So be sure to register, and help us get more kids on bikes! 

October 10 Is International Walk to School Day


Thousands of Fort Collins K-12 students will join students at thousands of schools across the nation and the world in celebrating the 22nd annual International Walk to School Day on Wednesday, Oct. 10.  

Check your school's website for information about events planned on International Walk to School Day. 

If you are organizing activities for your school, please be sure to register your event on the national website

School Rotation Schedule for Fall 2018

Bike-ped safety education during PE at Irish Elementary

Friends at Irish Elementary enjoy learning about bike safety together.


Once again, Safe Routes to School is gearing up for another school year, and we're looking forward to working with Bike Fort Collins, Overland Mountain Bike Club, the CDOT SRTS program and other key organizations to provide biking and walking programs at local schools. We'll be providing safety education during PE classes at the following schools:

  • Johnson Elementary
  • Tavelli Elementary
  • Blevins Middle School
  • Boltz Middle School
  • Kinard Middle School
  • Webber Middle School

We'll also be working with several schools on activities such as after-school biking and walking clubs and bike field trips. Check with your school principal, wellness team or PE teacher to see if we'll be at your school this school year!

See when we're coming to your school!

Statistics from Winter/Spring 2018 (January-June)

Bike-ped safety education during PE at Irish Elementary

Students at Irish Elementary practice bike-handling skills during PE.


4,000 -- # of K-8 students educated about bike-ped safety by SRTS team

272 -- # of individual classes and events conducted by SRTS team

1,530 -- # of students' bikes checked for safety and adjusted by trained mechanics

286 -- # of parents and other volunteers who assisted SRTS instructors

784 -- # of hours spent by volunteers assisting SRTS instructors

14,000 -- # of total miles biked by K-8 students during SRTS educational programming

New Bike Clubs on Tap Thanks to FoCo Fondo Festival

The Riffenburgh Rock Riders are an after-school bike club at Riffenburgh Elementary.

Riffenburgh Rock Riders explore Pine Ridge Open Space.


Thanks to the generosity of event organizers Zach and Whitney Allison and Jake Arnold of the FoCo Fondo Festival, SRTS will be able to lead new after-school bike clubs starting this fall. A portion of the proceeds of the FoCo Fondo Festival on Saturday, Aug. 4, will support the new bike clubs.

FoCo Fondo ride options include two family-specific rides (12 miles and 25 miles), with kids 12 and under riding free of charge. Parents accompanying their kids get 50% off with this coupon code when registering: 50%offparentreg

The festival also includes longer-distance dirt-road options, up to 100 miles long, with prize money available.

Join us for a fabulous event on Aug. 4, starting and ending at New Belgium Brewery, with great food and drink and lots of bicycling fun! 

Ride the Foco Fondo!

Will Safe Routes Visit You This Spring?


Safe Routes to School is gearing up for an eventful semester of bicycle and pedestrian safety education classes. Many schools will receive education in various ways, from classes during PE to after-school clubs and field trips. Check if your school is listed below and see which type of program will be hosted there.

Bike Field Trips:

Mountain Sage Community School and Shepardson Elementary

Bike-ped Education Program (School Rotation Schedule):

Irish, Laurel, O'Dea and Putnam elementary schools

Blevins, Boltz, Lincoln, Preston and Webber middle schools

Fossil Ridge High School

After-school Bike Clubs:

Irish, Laurel and Riffenburgh elementary schools and Lincoln Middle School

Other Events:

BaseCamp Family Fun Fair (Feb. 24)

Rocky Mountain High School Wellness Fair (March 1)

SRTS Train-the-Trainer Workshop (April 21). To register, visit

Bike Week (May 7-11) and National Bike to School Day (May 9)

If you would like assistance from Safe Routes to School for another type of biking or walking program, please contact us at c2FmZXJvdXRlc0BmY2dvdi5jb20=.

Expansion Of School Rotation Schedule


The SRTS equipment fleet includes 172 bikes, tagalongs and trailers for use by local kids.


Thanks to additional funding approved through the City's budgeting process for 2017-18, the SRTS School Rotation Schedule expanded in 2017 to reach all sixth-graders at PSD middle schools. All sixth-graders taking PE will be able to participate in the SRTS "Bike PE" curriculum, which teaches students how to bicycle safely and courteously on Fort Collins streets and multi-use trails. Successful pilot-testing of this plan was carried out in 2015-16 with support from a grant from the Colorado Department of Transportation's Safe Routes to School Program

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SRTS Annual Summary for 2017

Tom Dodd, Principal at Lesher Middle School

Lesher Middle School and its Biking Vikings earned the distinction of gold-level Bicycle Friendly Business in 2017.


The SRTS program achieved many significant accomplishments in 2017, including full implementation of the School Rotation Schedule. Click the "View summary" link to learn how the program addressed all Six Es of Safe Routes to School in 2017 (Education, Encouragement, Engineering, Enforcement, Evaluation and Equity). Read about Lesher Middle School here.

View summary

SRTS Annual Summary For 2016

Kids on Bikes

In 2016, the Safe Routes program taught bicycle and pedestrian safety to more than 6,000 students at 30 local schools, led numerous after-school walking and biking clubs, partnered with the Recreation Department to provide summer bike camps, finished construction of the new Tavelli Multi-use Path, completed pilot-testing of the School Rotation Schedule, and so much more.  

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SRTS Annual Summary For 2015

Girl on Bike

View our new infographic summary for calendar year 2015. It was an outstanding year that included programming at 24 local schools, bike-ped education for 8,000 K-12 students, an expanded SRTS bike fleet, bike-ped infrastructure improvements via the SRTS Strategic Traffic Infrastructure Project and much more!

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Fort Collins In Spotlight At SRTS National Conference


The City's SRTS coordinator, Nancy Nichols, presented on "Equity in Safe Routes to School Educational Programming" at the Safe Routes to School National Conference in early April 2016. Her co-presenter was Dot Dickerson of Bike Fort Collins, a nonprofit contractor that delivers the SRTS School Rotation Schedule to all public schools in Fort Collins. Three cornerstones of equity in local SRTS programming are "Saturation" (making sure students from all public schools participate), "Empowerment" (including students of all ages and abilities through adaptive equipment and methods) and "Meeting Kids Where They Are" (taking SRTS to places that are convenient and fun for kids and families). For information on the conference, visit For other details, please email Nancy at bm5pY2hvbHNAZmNnb3YuY29t