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Documents Available for Download#

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Download Bicycle Safety Education Plan 2011
Download Bicycle Safety Education Plan 2011 Summary
Download Campus West Community Commercial District Planning Study Report - December 2001

The bulk of the report explains issues and alternatives explored in the public process between 1999 and 2001. This material is intended to serve as a record of the process, and as reference material in the event of future interest in redevelopment.

Download Design Guidelines for Grade-Separated Pedestrian, Cyclist and the Equestrian Structures - 2001

The manual contains guidelines to establish design principles for grade-separated crossings in order to foster a more complete transportation network throughout the Fort Collins community. The goal of the crossings was to reduce conflicts among the traveling commuters.

View 15 Minute City Analysis - 2022

Active Modes Plan - 2022

The Active Modes Plan combines and updates the City's 2011 Pedestrian Plan and 2014 Bicycle Plan as well as incorporating micromobility devices such as scooters and skateboards. The plan identifies key opportunities to significantly improve and expand the City's existing active modes networks, support facilities, policies, and programs. The plan envisions Fort Collins as a place where walking, bicycling, and using other active modes are safe, accessible, convenient, joyful, and desired by people of all ages and abilities. 


 Bicycle Master Plan - 2014 

The Plan envisions Fort Collins as a world-class city for bicycling. It is a city where people of all ages and abilities have access to a comfortable, safe, and connected network of bicycle facilities, and where bicycling is an integral part of daily life and the local cultural experience.


Bicycle and Pedestrian Grade Separated Crossing Prioritization Study - 2018

This study established an approach to prioritize candidate bicycle and pedestrian grade separation locations.

Download The Fort Collins Bicycle Program Plan - 2008 (update to the 1995 plan)

The 2008 Fort Collins Bicycle Program Plan builds upon the previous bike plan. This document discusses the community's progress since 1995, its current bicycle program, and its future bicycle oriented goals.

Download The Fort Collins Bicycle Program Plan - 1995

The Fort Collins Bicycle Program Plan was created to encompass the four E's of cycling: Engineering, Education, Enforcement, and Encouragement. ensure safety among the commuters who decide to use bikes as a mode of transportation. By implementing this plan, bicyclists along with motorists and pedestrians can coincide together safely.

View Harmony Road Access Control Plan Update Report - 2004
Download Mason Street Transportation Corridor Master Plan - 2000
Download North College Avenue Improvements Phase I - 2000
Download North College Avenue Improvements Phase II - 2009 (Conceptual Design Report)


View Northern Colorado Truck Mobility/SH14 Relocation Study Phase I - 2004

To decrease the amount of traffic in Fort Collins, one solution to the problem was to advise all the non-local trucks to take an alternate route. Phase I identified, evaluated, screened, and recommended strategies to relocate the truck route within the City of Fort Collins. Phase II moved forward with the recommendations and investigation into the possible techniques for implementation of the suggestions.

Download Pedestrian Level of Service - 1996

The Pedestrian Level of Service (LOS) booklet acts as a "user's guide" to assist in analyzing Fort Collins existing conditions, proposed public, and private improvement projects. The LOS criteria include: directness, continuity, street crossings, visual interest and amenity, and security.

Download Pedestrian Plan - 2011
View South College Avenue (US 287) Access Control Plan Update Report - 2002
View Transfort Strategic Operating Plan - 2009


Download Transportation Management Association Feasibility Study - March 2006

Community leaders from the City of Fort Collins in conjunction with the Colorado Department of Transportation teamed together to initiate a study to explore the feasibility of forming a TMA in Fort Collins. The TMA would bring public and private interests together to address transportation, access and mobility problems throughout the area as well as to address the increasing effects of current and future activity growth and vehicle use on both the quality of life and economic vitality of the area.

View Transportation Master Plan - 2011
View US 287/SH 14 Access Management Report - 2000