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2021 Drinking Water Quality Policy Update#

City Council Resolution 93-144 adopted the Drinking Water Quality Policy to ensure continuous delivery of high quality drinking water to Fort Collins Utilities' customers. The policy states this will be achieved by:

  • effective management
  • pro-active monitoring and testing, protecting, developing and preserving water resources
  • advancing treatment technology and operations
  • operating and maintaining the water distribution system and assuring the quality of service
  • coordinating drinking water and wastewater treatment management
  • cooperating with other water providers and users
  • annual reporting

2021 Highlights#

Historical Reports and Infographics#






Did You Know?

You can save water when washing smaller loads by selecting the setting for the corresponding water level.

We continually work to improve our infrastructure and distribution systems. See what’s in the works.

Fats, oils and grease can clog the pipes in your home and the City’s wastewater system. Don’t put them down the drain. Toss them instead.