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Odell Brewery#

Odell Brewery was chosen as a demonstration project for LID techniques. The construction was completed in conjunction with the brewery expansion in 2009. In a public-private partnership, the City and Odell Brewing funded the construction of the pavers and bioretention facilities located at this site.

The Odell Brewery LID project includes:

Permeable Pavers#

installed in the parking lot and in various seating areas around the facility, the pavers are an aesthetically pleasing way for stormwater runoff to be directed into the detention pond on site.

Rain Gardens#

Built throughout the facility, particularly in the parking lot. These are set lower than the parking area to be treated and used as a source of landscape irrigation.

Micro Grading#

Built into the landscape islands and detention pond along Lincoln Avenue to encourage biodiversity in vegetation habitats.

Did You Know?

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