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Mail Creek Stream Rehabilitation Project

Quick Facts

Mail Creek from Meadow Passway, north and upstream 1,100 feet


  • Improve environmental, social and economic health of watersheds in Fort Collins
  • Create sustainable aquatic, riparian and terrestrial habitat within city streams
  • Improve connectivity throughout each basin
  • Improve water quality within urban streams
  • Integrate stream improvements into existing City master plans, e.g., Land Use, Natural Areas, Parks

2018 - Planning and Design - complete
2019 - Fall construction begins on schedule 
2020 - Spring - revegetation and planting
2022 - Established growth


Stream rehabilitation and/or restoration projects repair areas of streams where the ecology, safety, structure and water quality have changed over time. The Mail Creek Project will reshape and stabilize the eroding banks along a specific section of Mail Creek to improve safety and habitat.

Project Details

The base project includes stream stabilization and restoration only. To correct erosion and water quality problems, stream banks will be regraded and reinforced with natural materials to prevent further erosion. The rebuilt slopes will be planted with native plants, trees and grasses to provide new aquatic and riparian habitat for fish and wildlife. The stream channel will be slightly relocated in select areas to prevent further movement. Careful assessment and consideration was taken to preserve many trees and some existing vegetated areas.


In 2012, staff and City Council prioritized several Stormwater projects based on public safety, water quality and other concerns. The Multi-Criteria Decision Matrix identified top-ranked stream restoration projects including:

  1. Fossil Creek upstream of Lemay Avenue through Fossil Creek Park (completed in 2015)
  2. Spring Creek through Edora Park (completed in 2019)
  3. Mail Creek at Meadow Passway Drive
Mail Creek Map


Funding for construction was approved in the City's 2019-2020 budget. Construction will begin on schedule in November 2019 and be completed in the spring of 2020.

Example: Fossil Creek Segment 4-1 Restoration

Fossil Creek Example
Fossil Creek Example

What to Expect During Construction

Residents and community members can expect to see construction activities in the vicinity of the project and stream bed area for several months. Construction equipment, specifically trucks and trailers, will periodically be on the local neighborhood streets as they deliver materials and haul debris from the project site. Traffic control signs and detour routes will be posted as needed for the safety of drivers and pedestrians.