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Dry Creek Drainage Improvement Project#

Completion of the fuseplug at Douglas Lake in early 2006, part of the Dry Creek Drainage Improvement Project.

The Dry Creek Drainage Improvement Project was constructed to:

  • protect people and properties within the Dry Creek Basin
  • reduce or eliminate the FEMA regulatory floodplain for Dry Creek in the city limits

The project consisted of stormwater detention and stormwater conveyance (moving the water).

Three areas were used for stormwater detention: Douglas Reservoir and two recently constructed detention ponds.

The Larimer & Weld Canal was utilized to carry the reduced flows from Dry Creek to a diversion near Lindenmeier Lake.

A new channel was constructed from this diversion south under East Vine Drive and the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe railroad tracks where it will intercept Dry Creek.

Through an agreement with the Eaton Companies, the City will use Douglas Reservoir and the Larimer and Weld Canal for storage and transfer of water. As part of the agreement, the City built a structure to transfer water from Water Supply Reservoir No. 4 to Terry Lake as well as constructed minor upgrades to existing ditches.

Citizens received four separate informational newsletters over the course of construction of the project.

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