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Shared Energy Systems in Fort Collins#

A Fort Collins multifamily building with a solar array on the roof

Shared Energy Systems allow more people to benefit from solar, regardless of their income level, home ownership status or control over their roof. In 2022, Fort Collins Utilities started offering multifamily property renewable energy options so people who live in apartments, condos or townhomes, can benefit directly from solar energy. 

What is a Shared Energy System?#

A Shared Energy System is typically one solar photovoltaic (PV) system that provides power to multiple residential units. It can also include on-site battery storage. This PV system can generate benefits for residential accounts at one or more buildings within a given site.  

When a PV system generates energy, it can either be stored in batteries for use or residents can receive net metering credits (money back) on their utility bill for power sold back to the grid. 

In Fort Collins, Shared Energy Systems can be installed on existing buildings or incorporated into new construction.

Save Money with Solar Panel and Battery Incentives#

Shared Energy Systems provide an opportunity to enhance the value of your property, make your building more environmentally friendly and offer your residents an exciting amenity. It also helps the City of Fort Collins meet its bold climate goals and increase community resiliency.

Incentives for systems and batteries make it more affordable. Utilities offers rebates and there are federal tax credits available, too. Plus, with systems allowed to generate up to 200% of a property's annual consumption or 12kW per account (whichever is larger), you have flexibility to size the system to meet your goals.

Incentive eligibility and system sizing is based on the number of residential electric accounts benefitting from the system. Resident electric accounts must be within the boundary of the same building or land parcel (whichever is larger) as the solar PV system. 

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Getting Connected to the Grid#

All systems interconnected to Utilities’ network must comply with our Interconnection Standards. A special application form is required for Shared Energy Systems to record share distributions. While no capacity fee will be charged for setting the new dedicated production meter for a Shared Energy System, there is a new account application fee due. 

Learn More#

Interested to see if Shared Solar can work for your property? These documents have more detail to help you evaluate and plan your project.

Get Started#

Contact us to discuss the details on planning your project. 

Leland Keller   
Energy Services Engineer   
Fort Collins Utilities – Energy Services   

You can also contact us by email at regarding applications and incentive questions. 

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