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Impacted customers will receive a letter from Fort Collins Utilities approximately two weeks before technicians plan to survey properties in that area. If you receive your letter and would like to schedule a specific time for a technician to come to your property, you can call Utilities Cross-Connection Control, 970-416-2249.

When technicians arrive at your property they will need access to any existing backflow preventer(s) or water entry room(s) in order to complete the survey.

A typical survey takes less than one hour to complete, depending on the size of the facility.

If you pass the survey, we will provide information about Utilities’ annual testing requirements, and you can complete this year’s process and plan ahead for next year.

It is the customer's responsibility to hire a certified backflow prevention assembly tester to annually test assemblies and submit an annual Backflow Prevention Assembly Test and Maintenance Report to BSI Online.

Test reports for existing and replacement backflow devices should be submitted to BSI Online.

Test reports for brand new installations (not replacements) of backflow assemblies may be emailed (preferred option), faxed or mailed:

  • Email
  • Fax: 970-416-2442
  • Mail: Fort Collins Utilities
    Attn: Norm Mill
    Cross-Connection Control
    PO Box 580
    Fort Collins, CO 80522

If an unprotected cross-connection is discovered on the property, Fort Collins Utilities will require you to install an approved backflow prevention assembly within 60 days of the survey. We realize that, in some cases, a longer period of time may be required for larger installations. Please email the Cross-Connection Control office at or call 970-416-2249 for approval of any extended periods of time.

It is the customer's responsibility to hire a licensed installer to install a backflow prevention assembly. Upon installation, testing is required to be completed by a certified ABPA (American Backflow Prevention Association) or ASSE (American Society of Sanitary Engineering) tester within 48 hours of installation and send the test report(s) to Fort Collins Utilities. The backflow prevention assembly is required thereafter to be tested annually by a certified backflow prevention assembly tester.

It is at the sole discretion of Fort Collins Utilities Cross-Connection Control office to suspend water service if the premise poses a health risk to the public water supply, when a backflow prevention assembly has not been installed or tested.

If you did not pass inspection or have other questions, please call 970-416-2249.

Prevent cross-connections by following these precautions:

  • Install an approved backflow prevention device on any cross-connected system, test upon installation and annually by a certified backflow tester.
  • Never submerge a garden hose in a bucket, sink, swimming pool or anything else.
  • Do not use a spray attachment on your garden hose without first installing a backflow prevention assembly.
  • Keep the end of the garden hose clean and free of contaminants.

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