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Energy Tips

Run dishwasher only when full; select 'energy saver' cycle on energy-efficient models.

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Parallel Generation

Generate On-site Electricity

Parallel generation refers to the production of electricity directly by consumers rather than the purchase of it from an electric utility. If you generate electricity parallel to Fort Collins Utilities' grid, follow these steps:

1 - Before Purchasing Equipment

2- Sign Contractual Agreement

Utilities will develop an agreement to provide credit for the electricity you generate and address standby and other charges.

3- Purchase Equipment and Install System

Wait until application is approved and contractual agreement is signed.

4- Request Inspection from Fort Collins Utilities

This requirement is in addition to inspections by Fort Collins Building and Zoning.

  • To schedule an inspection, call 970-212-2900 or email c29sYXItcmViYXRlc0BmY2dvdi5jb20=.
  • If system fails inspection, complete required changes and request re-inspection.
  • When system passes, receive Permit to Operate from Utilities.

5- Operate System and Receive Bill Credits